What I did in guns this week.

I thought I’d start, seems like a fun idea… Something to report on Friday. What you did in guns throughout the week, Saturday to Friday.

I’ll start. What did I do. I returned a bunch of stuff I couldn’t use or didn’t suit my needs, back to Bunnings, which by the way has a freakishly awesome returns policy and with exchange bought this little guy (below). I need something like that as a portable casting table and portable shooting bench (page out of @Brett’s book).

I cast some boolits (and loaded with TB) for my 8x56R carbine. And some carcano to try, haven’t loaded it yet. And while at it, did some maintenance on the rifle.

And cough I bought another 22. Need to pick it up when I get a chance. It’s waiting for me.

Who’s next?

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I will go next if no one objects!
On Sunday I went and shot some targets with the .22 .
Did some research on reloading and ordered some brass on Wednesday.
Brass turned up today. So time to get some projectiles.
Would like to hear some more about that 8x56 and the carcano reloading as thats my next project

Saturday morning went to the range with the wife and youngest son for some practice, Sunday off to the range again for the normal weekly shoot (should not have worried about the practice as it did not help).

Monday stripped and cleaned all of the guns for a good clean, then loaded 500 rounds of 9mm to keep the wife happy until I get home again.

I didn’t do a single gun related thing all week (what a sh!+ c@#t) but to make it up to you all I’m going to finally shoot one of my muzzleloader today!
I’ll make sure to get some pics.

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I went for a quick shoot to the pistol range & blew the cobwebs out of my 686 & Ruger vaquero.
And I’m not sure if this counts but about 10 mins ago i used my glock which has a light attached as a torch to look for something under the bed.

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I did nothing but buy some obsolete reloading gear.


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As promised the first shot from my Musket!
It’s some cheap Indian gun, .64cal smooth bore, loaded with 75gn FFF black powder and an equal volume of bb’s. Uht milk carton over powder card, cardboard fruit box wad lightly lubed with lanox and another one over the shot.
Although @Bigpete informed me last night I should use the thinner one on top.
I have to go away for a week (leaving today) but when I get back I’ll go out and do some pattern tests and load development. Then again I might just go and test it on some bunnys first.

No,that should be right mate,but I’d maybe experiment with multiple overpowder wads to support the shot a bit better. As I said,there’s heaps of experimentation involved in getting the best patterns lol

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And some .577 case forming action.
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It’s what I did in guns Friday again :slight_smile:

Who wants to go first?

I did not do anything gun related this week, new job kept me busy and away from home.

Though it is not really gun related I did have nasty thoughts and typed nasty words at JS when he showed me his toy.

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I did some plinking last Saturday but I already posted about the musket.
I do have a good excuse for this week though, I’ve been interstate all week for a funeral.

Yeah I done a clean up jobie on most of my guns it rained for 2weeks up here and I was a little worried about moisture all good guns nice and clean now

It’s raining, the mini river is shut… Ben busy with work and then a holiday… what are guns

Going back to Bunning’s, I am assuming they took your stuff without a receipt and gave you a credit note… just don’t do that too many times or they will throw the book at you and accuse you of steeling

Does this count?

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It counts!

Okies, so I moved this to Sundays, seems to make more sense. Seems a bit quiet, so I’ll spice it up a little.

From last week, in lose chronological order

Went to visit @bentaz and Co. before his road trip. Then one thing lead to another and when a farmer asks to deflate a floater, well, @bentaz, bentaz-jr and I deflated a floater… In hindsight it would have helped to check wind direction.

leftovers from last week

Now, one does not simply hang out with a @bentaz and does not pick up a few shotgun tricks up his sleeve. So cracked this baby out and loaded some thumpers he made for me (by the way, they are for sale if anyone is interested, PM @bentaz).

And the little-big fella got a lesson in shotgun reloading. The other one was happy watching.

What else… Went to local shooting range, rifles 22s only and as always got told off about shooting “more than a shot every 3 seconds” lol.

Tested Savage. Seems alright for a 100+ year old gun. Had a couple of failures to extract, but I am fairly certain it just needs a very good clean, because most of the time it ran very well. I’ll get around to that at some stage.

I decided that scope on BL-22 just pissed me off, so back went the Skinner sight.

Sigh of relief order is restored.

Joined a new pistol club and had a shoot with them during the week. Loving the first impressions so far and even closer to home than the other one.

…and just got home from footy, as I watched Bombers kick the winning goal in the last 44 seconds of the game :grinning:

So far, so good. Bring on next week.

Also my Ruger Compact really doesn’t like 22s I buy by the thousands, bit meh about that, have to test more for this one tiny little gun. Grrrr. But that’s okay, it’s just one rifle. Still would have preferred to use one ammo for all 22s.

Actually finally did some stuff.

Got the safe put in - so that’s storage sorted. Started doing a bit of online shopping to see what’s nice. Might visit a physical store tomorrow.

Also went to the Arms and Militia show - that was pretty cool. Turns out there is a guy that operates a second-hand store very close to where I live, so might pay a visit sometime.

Like an opshop or… Do tell?