Show us your guns.

1863 Remington repro
Couldnt help myself…oh and another 310 cadet…
Just gotta get the 1863 out of SA, over a metre long is proving difficult!!
He also has a nice 1899 Enfield 303 with interesting history…A 577 Snider smoothbore…Both VGC and cheap, if any one interested…
@danmac…any mold recommendations, or tips to get this thing shooting?? Got a lee Minea mold with it…hope all is good mate!


I have a smooth bore snider in 12ga, no where near as neat as that, i would love that one!

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What about my Zoauve above mate?? Remington 1863 repro 70s vintage made by Miroku 58cal

I sold mine to @Nomis, im pretty happy with my .64 smooth bore

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.64 wow big balls!! How accurate is it? Cant wait to get my hands on the 58

I havent shot many groups with it, but its minute of gong, and cleans up bunnys snd hares with a load of BB’s.
I want to take it out for deer and pigs this year.

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I also have these to try out.


@Bigpete…good thing??

Yeah, so um, yeah. Who got new toys?

Just a new toy not toys . But here the new acquisition. Factory chambered Remington 700 hb 17 fireball . Just need to.swap out the sub par optic for the spare zeiss hd5 5x25x50 and it will be sorted


What do you plan on shooting with it mate?
221 fireball has been on my want list since i started downloading. 222, but i hadnt thought much about the 17.

Mainly foxes . But will probably take a few rabbits in its adventures. I have a 221 its a lovely piece of kit . Next on the agenda is a 220 swift im thinking. Just looking for a bit of time to complete it all

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Not a new gun, but new sight…

Well, actually, 2 new sights arrived :slight_smile:

I think tomorrow I’ll sight them in :slight_smile: Yeah!


Stop it! Love em!!

While in the mood or rather what got me in the moooood is putting Skinners back on my BL-22. Just keep coming back to them on the baby browning.

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My handguns

Glock 17A
Walther Q5 Match


Nice collection mate, welcome to the site!

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Cheers mate!

I bought this replica back in 2016 in Perth very loud bugger