500m comp results (308)

Today Sunday 6 I competed in a local match shooting two ranges at 500 yards and one at 600 yards. This was not using my dedicated Target rifle rather I was shooting my modified Remington 700. The first 500 was the best I have ever shot with that gun scoring a “possible” a stange term for maximum points of 60. I shot a 60 with 8 super centers.

8 shots within about an inch at 500 yards.
A close up


Wow, that’s awesome mate!

Scary awesome. Bet @gwion couldn’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work, you have to be happy with that.

Very Happy I didn’t think that I would score so well with that gun. it is sitting in a Boyds stock with a rake in the butt that doesn’t allow good recoil management. The next two ranges were not as good. But for those people that shoot a 3 shot group, Shoot 10 over 10 minutes then you have a group.

So in the typical BS style I am going to disclaim shot 2 and 3 I then have a 36mm 500 yrd group, Discard 10 and its a 23 mm group :joy:

Very happy to accept the 10 shot group at 75.7 mm I only shot the one sighter that was spot on for windage but high. I think I had more juice in these bullets.

That’s good going mate should be proud of that