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Welcome to the Oz Gun Lobby forum! If you have forum feedback, need help, have a suggestion or an idea - this is the place (Rules and Guidelines).

Articles, Howtos and Lists

This category is here to catalogue useful forum articles. Once a posts gains maturity and substantial content/information on a particular topic in a form of an article, tutorial, how-to or a reference it will be moved here for quick and easy reference.


This is it, this is the place to talk about your rifles, shotguns, black powder boom sticks and everything in between. Have a question, want to share a story, tip, suggestion, review… Jump right in.

General Gun Chat

Random gun chat. Off topic firearms related questions, ideas, discussions and brain farts.

Random Chat

Have something random to share? Wanna` have a non firearms related chat? Well this is the place to do it! there are no pew pews here.


Yeah, that’s right, we roll our own. Reloading is awesome, but also - remember - you are making a pipe bomb and detonating it right next to your brain. Safety first, load mild first, if unsure - don’t risk it.

Black Powder

So you like a big boom, the smoke, the smell? Yeah, who doesn’t! This category is all about black powder and the primitive arts of, well, all things black powder…


Hunting, the original meaning of fast food. We love photos! Tips, suggestions, location scouting and reviews, hints and everything in between, jump into hunting discussions here.

Shooters Union Australia

This is where you can find information, news and related discussions from the country’s pre-eminent pro-gun organisation, Shooters Union Australia. Help us fight for all law-abiding firearms users.

Shooting Sports

Have a question about competitive shooting, a club, a rule or want to know a little more (or how to start in) a specific shooting discipline, you are in the right place.

Law & Politics

Yep, it is what it is. If you have a legal, policy or some sort of procedural question, maybe a question about storage requirements or how to apply for a new licence or a PTA - this is the place. Remember, we are not lawyers. There may be lawyers here, but on the Internet we are not lawyers. This should serve as a guide, but if required, always seek professional legal advice.

Gear & Shop Reviews

That’s right, gear and shop review.

Buy, Sell & Trade

Got some pew pew gear to sell? Old guns, reloading gear, hunting gear, etc. Post it here. Please avoid giving away your personal details publicly. You can, they are your details, but for your own sake, share them via our private messaging platform.