What I did in guns this week.

Not sure if they reshuffle the tables for each day, but on Saturday he had that massive booth in the middle, with all these second-hand rifles laid out in a big U shaped table.

The dudes up in Templestowe, and from what I was told, he operates the shop out of his garage. I’m not super firm if he can do the PTAs himself, or if he goes to an actual dealer, but he’s got quite a healthy collection of older rifles to sell, especially SMLEs. I got given a flyer, but that only has his email and phone number.

Hey kid, kid, you want some lollies? They are in the van over there. LMAO

Hmm, I dunno - the dudes name was Jeff Pannan according to the flyer? The flyer looks like the one they were handing out at the door.

Oh, I’m sure he’s a real deal, just the way you’ve said operating out of garage was funny.

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I googled him, and apparently he’s one of the organisers for the show - makes sense that he would have loads to sell.

Jeff owns the show, he is a Class 1A Dealer, collects machine guns. He doesn’t operate a shop, but deals from home and at shows. he is a member of the SSAA Military Rifle Club and can be found with us at Little River most 1st Sundays of the month, usually with a van full of goodies for us to paw over (and hopefully buy). He will be at Ballarat Show this weekend. Always call, don’t just go to his place. Cheers


Jeff is a good guy to deal with.

A 3 second rule. what is that? Is it to make sure it doesn’t sound like a semi auto? There are some strange rules floating around out there. I bet your pistol club has a comp on how fast you can empty a mag?

I think it has something to do with the public who use the range as well as licensed shooters,controlled accurate fire is the goal, hearing someone fire a lever release or pump action quickly gets the RO’s upset- as they assume its not aimed fire. Mind you I have been warned at that range with my Brno 2 for shooting too rapidly.

Bought 4-5 rifles off Jeff, good bloke, real deal.

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Well, Sunday arvo is upon us, I have just got back from Little River, what a day to shoot 22 Trainer/ 310 Cadet comps! Picked up another Swede for a cheap price and finally organized the Dutch East Indies Luger I have been chasing since December. Bought 2 more Imperial German bayonets and now it is coffee, Scotch and gun cleaning time, whoopee! How was your day? Cheers.

.22lr at Little River would have been 2ft hold to the side I would think @50m.
Would have been rough.
Still better than staying at home.

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killed a deer



Is that the new .358 barreled Winchester?
Good looking deer too mate.

You don’t look as big as you were bigpete. Walking around for deer seems to be good for you.
Nice work on the deer.

Nice one Pete, looks like a fantastic eater

I did have the company of someone for a few months and that inspired me to get out and do a lot more hunting. Hopefully I have their company again one day…

Yeah mate it’s the 358 winchester

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I had my son with me which made it all the better