Show us your 22s

Must have photos and comment :slight_smile:
Also see the on-going 22 review post.

.22 are useless and impractical. They group like shit.

As you can see from both photos, all rounds completely missed paper targets. Absolutely appalling calibre.

And I tested a few.

None of them can shoot a deer at 300m! Pathetic.

I have one more on the way and another (will be posted in a different thread), but in the meantime, I urge everyone here with a 22, to send it to me, because it’s useless and I’ll get rid of it for you.


After you send me your 22s, if you have surplus ammo that you no longer need, and because I am just that nice, I’ll take it off your hand too for safe disposal.

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I see ya already transferred the scope to the compact then :sunglasses::beers:

So which .22 for Me? Hi my names juststarting and I’ll have that one and that one and that one and those two over there, ow and that one and that one too.

Look, I like vintage 22s, okay! Shut up.

(There’s none for you! They are rifled and not 12ga. But your offspring owns the second from the top pump action)

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I don’t know what I was thinking! Scoping BL-22 - but it’s off and I’ve had a shower. Aperture sight is back on.

@Bogong - Skinner Sights has one specifically for BL-22 and a range of different apertures.

LA101 in leftie! Had it for about 3 years! Shoots pretty good at 50m

My 3, Rossi circuit judge, lithgow LA101 and a ‘57 Brno model 2.

TOZ-9. Single shot.

Anshultz 1450

Gee the TOZ-9 is very um pink, are you trying to tell us that you are getting in touch with your feminan side. :joy::joy::sunglasses:

It was done for my step daughter when she turned 12. the stock was shortened, real perdy paint and a love heart carved in the other side of the but stock.
It is a great little rifle, despite the shit I get given when people see it.


My Winchester pump action 22s
-1890s 22 short & 22 long

-1906s 4 different variations


Very nice collection. Very jealous :tired_face:

Nice, nice, I like! :ok_hand::+1:

Oh man, those are awesome. Especially the top one with a hexagonal barrel, mmmmmmm

My BSA pump action 22s

My Remington model 12c, 12a and 572 buckskin tan

Im looking for models 572 Crow Wing Black & Teal Wing Blue editions, if you ever see them for sale in Australia send us a msg please. :blush:

My Aussie Naughton Fieldman 22lrs
1 of only 20 lever actions ever made


I am starting to see a pattern forming here. :joy:

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I’m starting to think I must buy a pump action 22…hmmmm

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That is one stunning collection. I hope you have a strong room nicely decorated. I can imagine it with them all nicely on display accessible to be able to pick up and fondle. Really nice set of guns what are you not showing us any more to come?

Picked this up a few weeks ago. Shoots and cycles 22LR just fine, tried and tested.

FN Browning ‘Trombone’… Serial number in mid 88,000ths. Hoping someone could help me date it.