Say hello and introduce yourself :)

G’day mate

Hello! Found the forum via social media links and figured it would be good to have somewhere else tinfoil-hat free to talk about guns with people from this large and sunburnt country of ours.

I’m based in southeast Queensland and like the old stuff better than the new stuff when it comes to guns, but that’s purely personal preference and I fully support anyone who wants to have a super tacticool rifle.

I’ve been shooting for a couple of decades now; mostly competition with some hunting as the opportunity presents itself; looking to get more of that in now too (time and family commitments permitting…)

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Welcome, @Martini! Certainly no tinfoil here. Little bit of crazy science :smiley: though.

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Did I mention… We have a few fun and fluffy threads happening, would love to get everyone participating:

Generally, search for “show us your” and there will be a few of these floating around :slight_smile: Best way to jump into the forum and start contributing.

Howdy, Martini…:mask::+1:

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Hi everyone,

I found the forum through the NSC who are representing me after a license application rejection in Western Australia “due to covid”

Grew up in North Queensland, fond memories of plinking and hunting doves and rabbits on a property out past Ayre in my teenage years.

Moved to WA and got a career working in the biggest hospital in Perth but love to get outside.

Decided to apply for a firearms license last year, spent a long time making up my mind what to start with. Eventually put a deposit on a Ruger American 0.22 and Adler pistol grip straight pull 12 gauge and applied for my license.

Then covid came and pulled the rug out from under me. I think it’s totally unfair so we are fighting it with the help of the NSC.

Anyway can’t wait for common sense to return and to get into my new hobby. I want to develop some skills and then get out there helping our farmers and native animals. I’ve also worked in an abbotoir and want to teach my son’s how to hunt and cook


Welcome to the site mate, I hope for your sake that it gets sorted quickly as That’s a load of crap, good work @NationalShootingCouncil.
There’s a few other members here from the Soviet socialist republic of western Australia too.

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Thank you. Appreciate the warm welcome. Couldnt be worse than under our Great Leader Chairman Mao Tse Dan lol!

You spelled Michelle Tse Roberts, wrong.

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Welcome to all the new members, especially those from WA…

Hi all, new to the forum! I’m into Milsurps, with a serious cast bullet addiction! Seems like a friendly spot!

Welcome, mate. :slight_smile:

Welcome! I certainly don’t mind a good milsurp myself so long as its not a carcano post a photo of what you’ve got!

I have a carcano :slight_smile: I like it.

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Welcome @MaxJon, you’ll find a fair bit of love for milsurps and cast bullets here.

@MaxJon, welcome aboard, you are right it is a very friendly forum that offers lots of help in all regards. There are a few into both Milsurps and casting.

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Hello all… :smiley:


Welcome @MrsPatto! Say hello and something about you :slight_smile:

G’day @MrsPatto and welcome to the site.

Welcome @Oldfella :slight_smile:

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