Say hello and introduce yourself :)

Hi all

Say hello, introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself :slight_smile:

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@Brett @Gwion welcome, hope you stick around and make yourself at home.

@GUN-DMC - it’s happening :slight_smile:

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Hey guys…
Bit late but when are going to put a pool table in here?

Not sure about a pool table, but a meet-up for regulars is on the cards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi, my names Ben and I’m a gunaholic. Its been 1 day since my last shot!

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Hi my names Austac, i like long walks on the beach and cuddling by an open fire

Hi Guys thanks for the Add. I too have the addiction and spend long lonely nights trawling gun forums. Sometimes I will load a 100 rounds just to change my mind then pull them so I can reload them again. The last part is true:grinning:

W00t, welcome! Make yourself at home and start creating :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I doubt I need to do an intro :):grinning:

Looks like the whole crew is slowly making their way over here, is this your brain child JS? Frickin love the header as well :joy:

Hehe, yeah, cool header. Some random pic I found on the internet I guess.

Can’t claim it entitely, as my own. I was thinking about it for a while, so was @GUN-DMC. Then he mentioned something about it and I thought, yep, f**k it, let’s do it. So yeah. Here we are.

Will go proper live in 2 weeks. Should be fun. For now, trying to get content happening. I think Australia needs more gun forums.

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Hello, Supa here.
I like Milsurps and Motorcycles.

Welcome guys, fancy meeting you lot here!

I am a raging lefty former hippy who lives on a couple of hundred acres in a sleepy backwater in Taswegia.
Our property is under conservation covenant and is registered land for wildlife. I run a small accommodation business that includes a licenced nano brewery and ‘local harvest’ dining.
We run a few sheep and goats, as well as chooks, for our own meat supply and eggs.

I shoot under permit to control wallabies and possums on my own place as well as help out on neighbouring properties and others in the area. What we cull goes to the local tassy devil breeding facility to feed the critters. There are also some devils on my place that get a free feed from time to time.
I also shoot f-class (pretty poorly) and am serving as president for my local fullbore club.

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Well, seems I’m here to & having a look. Most of us have met but for future reference. I’m an oldbloke getting close to retirement. What do I like? Hunting, and everything that goes with it, fishing, camping, making and drinking great beer. Not into target shooting but a few of you are having a good crack at converting me. :roll_eyes:

These days mainly whistling foxes, rabbits and the odd unsuccessful trip chasing fallow or sambar. Like most of us would like to get out more but work and in particular family issues has proven to be the main hurdle.
Why do I join forums, mainly to learn and happy to share knowledge. SFA on TV these days so boredom at night too I guess.

OB, awesome to see you here!

Hello all,

I like pistols, rifles and things that go bang… :joy:

Thanks for the invite :grinning:

Gday all.
Made it on to this forum(thanks for the invite).
Now someone mentioned a goat???