Say hello and introduce yourself :)

Hi Gang :slight_smile:
JS invited me along for a look.

My initial impression is that it appears to be another forum like Enoughgun, is this place aimed in a different direction in some way? As I’m sure most of you have gathered a little of my firearms background in my time on EG, I’ll expand upon it here.

I’ve always been interested in firearms, and I still have some sketches I drew as a youngster (about all I do have from my childhood really), and had decided to join the Army when I was about nine or ten. Collected non-firing and blank-firing replica firearms as a kid, Marushin models that actually replicated all the parts, not the current Denix rubbish. Grew up in Tennant Creek and South Hedland, but had virtually no contact with real firearms outside of visiting the various warships coming through Hedland, where I spent the whole time playing with the firearms laid out for the purpose, but chained to the ship. Dropped the bolt of an F1 while my finger was over the ejection port, my first war wound :slight_smile:

Moved to Perth, with my mum who immediately got me into PCYC (my first real contact with Police) shooting air-rifle competition, got my licence, bought a rifle, and put thousands of pellets into targets in the back yard in Como. Also shot a number of competitions against other clubs over four years. Joined Army Cadets at Wesley College as soon as high-school started. Three years of Cadets (finished as Corporal) was sufficient to kill the idea of the Army - being given orders to do things that made no sense by people that didn’t even know why they were telling you to do it - but it was a lot of fun. We were (I believe) the first unit to be issued demilled SLR rifles for drill. We were incredibly lucky to have an instructor who was ex-SAS, and a flaming nutter. We were abseiling once and he leaped face-first off a sixty-foot cliff without a harness, just with his giggle hat wrapped around the rope. My first contact with the SAS left a hell of an impression :slight_smile: He used to bring a crossbow on our camps too :slight_smile:

We went on bush camps on Army properties, in off-road Army trucks, got to shoot the M16, semi-auto only, but they showed us what full-auto looked like, and got lumbered with the PRC radio on one camp that put me right off radio work :slight_smile: I still have my webbing, the first was the US Vietnam-era rig and AustPack, then we went to the AusCam padded-belt rig with Minimi pouches. I preferred the US gear which is what I used when I started hunting, the Aussie gear I preferred when riding interstate, more bulky but carried more gear on the bike. We also formed our own Smallbore team and shot .22 repeaters on the grounds of Wesley College in Como! The unit also introduced females into the ranks (from Penrhos College), which led to the blatantly obvious problems that reached a head on our first combined camp, the unit fell apart, and the college has virtually no record now of ever having had a cadet unit.

Moved to country SA and immediately started buying rifles and shotguns. I don’t know why but it just never occurred to me to buy centrefire ammo, I bought the LeeLoader and taught myself to load my own ammo. If I had an idea I would write to Nick Harvey and ask his advice, as I’m sure at least some of you also did :slight_smile:

Moved back to WA to live with my dad while studying building, which meant leaving all my firearms in SA since I wasn’t going to be able to licence them in WA other than for shooting competition, which I’ve never been into. But I got into pistol shooting instead since I lived five-minutes from the club. Members had keys to the range and were free to go up anytime during the week to practice - without any fees, except Wednesdays. My pistol instructor lived a few-hundred metres from me (we stayed friends) and we would be up there at every opportunity. The club was used every Wednesday by Police and the military, and this relationship allowed us to join the SAS at Swanbourne for IPSC shoots, including their Three-Sixty Kill-House. Sadly, a number of these incredible blokes were killed in the Blackhawk training incident in Queensland that devastated the Regiment. I also raced motorcycles with some ex- and still-serving members - also nutters. Worked in the Kimberley for a while on aboriginal communities, which required me to fly around to keep my pistol licence, including rolling up to the range in Darwin once to find the Army training for the Brunei Cup, pistols, F88’s and Bren guns, and got chauffeured around the ranges by the LtCol in charge :slight_smile: I also met an aboriginal girl and we spent all our free time in the bush getting bush tucker for the elders she was caring for on the community. We were together for eight years and she sadly died soon after we separated.

Now I’ve moved, with my girlfriend, to country Victoria to take over her family farm. Sadly, her dad died suddenly in late 2016. I still haven’t managed to make any serious effort to get out after deer, but that is my goal once we have the farm back up on it’s feet, hopefully very soon. Primarily, I just love firearm design and shooting, with a particular fondness for the older ex-military firearms. I’m also big on encouraging other people to get involved with firearms.

Awesome seeing you here!

Welcome BR I guess the difference is that what we can create here is up to us. JS is open to all ideas. Also a aim is to create posts that help inform others. As you made mention I think one of the reasons we all post on the forums is to pass on the knowledge that we have gained. For me I have had exposure to some of the top shooters from all over Australia I am not shy in going up introducing myself and asking heaps of questions no matter how small and silly. then by getting lots of opinions and trying them out find what works then I can pass that on. An example I asked the F Open World Champion about cleaning rifles started out via email, he then rang me and latter we met at a comp and he went to the trouble of giving me some hands on and even bore scoping the rifle. He is a really nice guy willing to pass on information turned out he was in charge of cleaning and checking all the teams rifles. Got lots of other tips as well all info that is gained when you are part of a Australian team being coached.

Reminds me I need to go and edit a post on tanning that grew as I remembered bits. it needs consoladating and cleaning up.

Welcome guys, good to see you all here.
For those who don’t know I’m bentaz on other forums.
My idea for the direction of this forum as JS said above is to build knowledge, encourage new shooters and foster a positive image for shooters and the shooting sports.
I want to keep the discussion relevant instead of a topic turning into 57 pages of bickering and try to keep the racist / bigoted redneck shit off the forum.
I’m an old hippy and pretty green, not a fuckwit commie greens party green, but a conservationist at heart. I shoot, but I also bird watch, breed fish and other nerdy stuff.
I’m a fat bearded, ex army, rednecked hippy, homeboy, wierdo who collects single barrel shotguns.
My little brother is an inner city gay who grew up shooting and has always stuck up for shooters, in town, I also shoot with another gay bloke who has shot more deer than I could ever imagine shooting so I have taken offence to some of the shit talking on other forums. I also drink soy milk!
So I’d like to create an environment that fosters shooters in a modern world.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t care what anyone thinks, people don’t have to like the things I like for us to get along, I just think we can all be respectful of each other and promote the shooting sports in the modern world.
Anyway welcome guys and I hope you all stick around.

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I still hate soy. I need to fill at least 20 characters of space, to communicate a coherent thought, instead of my usual ‘+1’, I really shot myself in the foot with that feature, but whatever, I still hate soy.

Perhaps hate is a too strong of word. Like, I wouldn’t sacrifice a chicken, in order to avoid drinking soy. Maybe I just really, really, really dislike soy.

soy told me earlier that it don;t really like you much either!

That’s fine. We won’t drink each other than :slight_smile:

G’Day all

I grew up in NE Vic and was introduced to shooting (mostly hunting) as soon as I could walk, I formed an instant love for it and have been doing it ever since. It’s pretty much all I ever did as a kid, luckily for me a neighbor of mine was a mad keen shooter that took me under his wing and would take me out shooting almost daily.:sunglasses: I wish I could get out that often these days, but other factors of life get in the way.

I spent a few years in the Hunter Valley and then moved to Darwin NT for over 20 years, recently relocated back to Vic for family reasons. So deer hunting is back on the agenda.:grinning::sunglasses:

Anyhoo that’s enough about me. Btw. Thanks for the invite.:beers:

Dude! Where in VIC?!

Right on the Albury Wodonga border mate.

Welcome mate, good to have you here!

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Yeh, don’t believe it. All BS. There are NO goats in Vic. perhaps.

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Hi all, I’m tayz, and a few others here I like things that make lots of noise so naturally I’m drawn to guns and motorbikes, I’m only just getting started only had guns for the past couple of years but slowly learning.

Hopefully I can learn a lot more about guns, and @GUN-DMC doesn’t corrupt me too much :joy:

@gun-dmc has a habit of doing that

Nothing wrong with that though hey OB :sunglasses:

Sorry but I can’t help myself, here is a little modified version of a song written by Darby Slick.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t you want somebody to corrupt you
Don’t you need somebody to corrupt you
Wouldn’t you love somebody to corrupt you
You better find somebody to corrupt you… :rofl:

@tayz Welcome mate :+1:


Welcome, @tayz :slight_smile: Awesome to have new people here early on.

Hey gents. Finally got around to accepting the invite from JS.

I’m a target shooter/plinker with interests in anything from muzzle loaders, BP cartridge rifles, milsurps up to the modern stuff and anything else I find can fit in my safes.

Welcome mate, good to see you here!

@Jim_Fleming, welcome! Awesome to have you here :slight_smile:

This Jim -
We have a fancy shmancy celebrity :blush:

Horse feathers, I ain’t no one special, I’m just a regular (how do y’all say it…?) a regular bloke that loves to reload, and loves teaching reloading.

@juststarting , my good friend, you’ll regret this, LOL!


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