Freshmeat to the forum

Hey fellow enthusiasts, just a quick one to say hi as I’m new to this forum. I found my way here after receiving a reply from @juststarting in another forum regarding iron sights. I’ve been trolling around getting up to speed and generally feeling out the vibe.

My main interests are Pest Control and a bit of Clay target from time to time. Ive recently purchased a 22 after 30 odd years since the last one. Back in the time when you didn’t feel like a common criminal for having an old plinker stuffed behind the seat of the ute.

So it has revived an interest in .22 rimfires to the point I have bought 2 in the last week… LOL. (New Gun Safe next item) as I’m running out of room.

Look forward to chatting here from time to time and enjoying the common interest.

Cheers Graeme aka Pogmahon

@1n5tagraeme on the socials

Lithgow LA101 .17 HMR, Gamo CFX Royale .22, BL22 Octagon, CZ 457 American .22, Howa 1500 .223, Nikko 12G 28".

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