1 f in snider, load data needed

Hi guys, new member here
Kiwi snider fan, i have a tin of 1f black, anybody have a load for it,
Cheers peter

Welcome to the forum @Peteforskeet. Not anything on here for 1F but this might be of interest. There are a few here who Shoot/load for the Snider and I am sure that they will comment shortly.

Adventures in 577 Snider wonderland

Also feel free to drop in here and tell us a little about yourself.

Welcome aboard, @Peteforskeet. Not sure I can help with 1F experience and be factual, unfortunately, I’ve only ever used 2F in Snider.

@TheDude how about you?

The only thing I could find load data for 1F (Fg) powder was a Brown Bess musket - all the load data I could find for .577 Snider and .577 Enfield (muskets) was FFg.

This suggests to me that 1F may not be a great powder for the Snider cartridge…

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Only ever used FFg sorry