Help me get into/buy a 3D printer.

What’s a good reasonably priced printer, for a 3D beginner???

There’s really no easy answer here mate. 3D printers are not magical and they are not user friendly. It’s like saying what CNC and Lathe would you recommend for a beginner. Well, how do you define a beginner, use case, space, budget, technical aptitude, ability to troubleshoot, etc.

I recommend you start here:
Honest 3D printer buyer’s guide: Find the best machine for you! - YouTube

In general, very good channel - explore it.

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Okies, so printer has been upgraded. guts ripped out entirely and reworked with frame and motors left as purchased.

For those interested:

  • Added TH3D (auto) bed leveling sensor
  • Added filament runout sensor
  • Added TH3D motherboard
  • Rebuild carriage to direct drive
  • Flashed firmware, obviously
  • …and has few printed parts

Quick obligatory test print using old profile (PETG), no supports and minimal infill - just let it rip.

Probably another evening of calibrations and it’s back!

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Your a fart smeller! Nice work!

I guess i need to get a printer now too!

Do it! It’s an addiction!

A West Aussie gun owner with a 3D printer, I’ll get ready for to door to get kicked in.

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Is that a question?

Would that be a good beginner unit ?

No idea about that unit. It’s not as simple as just hit print usually. You need to research what slicer apps to use, how good they are. How technically minded are you or your technical aptitude? YouTube is the best starting point. After that you want to research the community around the printer. There will be teething issues, so you want to make sure there is a community around it, like a forum or FB group.

First job, print a fake front door and put it up against a solid brick wall…those fuckers will be kicking all day :rofl:


I did a bit of time looking today. I don’t think i have the time for another hobby. Was hoping it was just buy the unit, throw it in the bench and plug in the thumb drive.

Was looking at filament then resin. Then i would have to buy a computer as i doubt my old personal laptop running win 7 would keep up.

Might be best just to sling some cash at someone already setup.

When I get my printer back online, now that I have allllll this time at home, I’ll see what I can do… Just don’t know when I will get around to it.

If you are lost for something to print that would be cool.

Just time… I swapped a lot of parts around, need to re-tune it.

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Thats where im at too, i keep thinking i need one and then JS unintentionally talks me out of it.


3D printing basics - YouTube


Yes as much it would be very handy prototype tool, i just dont think i would have the time considering all the unfinished projects, i have in progress…but im still thinking…