Finally got my license... How should I kit out the 0.22 and 12 gauge?

I’ve finally been issued with my licence. Should arrive in the mail any day now.

The firearms are a Ruger American 0.22 and Adler B220 pistol grip.

I’m actually a bit of a newbie so looking for accessory ideas. You can probably tell by the firearms I’m not looking to spend a million bucks. Will be heading to a range as soon as they open just to get all the safety and marksmanship stuff bedded down before I go out of town to hunt rabbits cats and foxes (or soft drink bottles if there are none to be found).

So what should I be thinking about scope wise for the rifle and is there anything that’s handy to have on the shotgun?



The Ruger American is a great choice - I think there’s a few of us here to have one, myself included. Did you get the compact?

There a couple of good threads on scopes on 22s.

The last one was me annoying @juststarting about what to put on my Ruger. I went with a 3-9X40 Nikon in the end.

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In terms of accessories, ammo! Especially for the 22, see what it likes, will be different for 25m to 50m (22LR accuracy questions).

I found that B220 sights work fine. You can always get a cheap red dot, I tend to stick to Vortex Crossfire II. However, sights on B220 are pretty good. Also, found that B220 is not particularly picky about ammo. Some eject with a lot more excitement than others, but much of a muchness.

For Ruger, there are a few links above. However, some come with a rail, some don’t. In case yours didn’t - not all rings will fit the grove/dovetail on the gun. At least this is what I found. So if you don’t have the rail included, personally, I would get go to a shop, get them to find the right rings and then shop for the scope. Rings will dictate the tube diameter for the scope. If you have the rail, pick a scope, then find some cheap rings.


It’s this one (I think! Haven’t seen it since I bought it in February!!)

With the Adler I’m going to grab some of those dummy shells so I can play around when the kids are not home and work out if I prefer left or right handed bolt.

I bought an 8 gun safe just so I had enough room for ammo. These are my 50 cal bottle openers from Beatons and they make it look pretty small


I like the idea of a Nikko sterling (?Aussie made)

Originally made in Japan, now made in China I think (someone might be able to correct me).

.22 rifles can be picky so buy a heap of different ammo and play around with it.

Edit: Not as important for .22 but probably worth mentioning, spend some time going down the rabbit hole that is cleaning. Gunblue on YouTube is a great resource.

Hey @juststarting does this remind you of anyone?

@Mullmans congrats mate, I hope you have a ball!

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I’m laughing but also looking nervously at my bank account…

Yes it is indeed a slippery slope trying to fund the illness which is commonly known as FAD.
Firearm Acquisition Disorder.

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I would say it’s less of an illness and more of a life style choice :smiley:


…a dedicated, compulsive choice.

I spent my 20s playing with cars… sold a 730hp Nissan Skyline last year so I am no stranger to expensive hobbies that the government doesn’t approve of!!

Wife isn’t to pleased with the firearms but I think it will be safer than doing 250kmph+ on a runway or sharing the road with trucks on my pushbikes (which is another recent hobby)!


Sadly a bit harder for the OP over there in the USSRofWA.

Yeah I smashed that like button after the first line.

I’d suggest a recoil pad (a Limbsaver or something else good quality) for the B220 - they’re quite a light shotgun so kick pretty hard, especially with hunting loads.

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do chokes help?

Not with recoil.
Rabbits and foxes use full choke to get tighter patterns out further.
Slugs use open/cylinder choke or improved cylinder choke, will depend on the slug, but most factory slugs prefer I/C choke.
My 2c for what its worth anyway :+1:

Long day… after a six day week at the hospital… I meant to ask if muzzle brakes help?

I see Beaton firearms sell a few mods… Looks easy to double the price of a $550 shotgun but I’m fairly keen on the magazine extension engraved with “I survived the Chy-na virus and all I got was a lousy rejection letter from WAPOL”

They said $350 for that.


They probably do, but unless you’re a tiny bloke you should be right anyway. My 12yo daughter shoots shotgun no worries, shotgun is mostly about technique mate.