What's a decent budget scope for a CZ 515 tactical 22

What’s a decent budget scope for a CZ 515 tactical 22 ?

Well, you know the follow up question… :slight_smile:

What’s the:

  • your budget?
  • your magnification preference?

Would you be happy with a red dot?

Personally, I use ’ Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24’. I just looked it up, they went from $455 to almost $700, so I f*kn have no idea what ‘budget’ is in these days and age, because that scope is definitely a budget scope! We are so screwed with the economy right now.

Anyway, I stopped hyperventilating…

Something to consider as well, Strike Eagle is really heavy. I didn’t consider that when I got it. And I shoot mine mostly without support, so yeah, there’s that, bit heavy - but I am rambling now, it’s not a budget option anymore.

This one is pretty good too:
Vixen Riflescope 2-8x32 PLEX Code VX5848 Free Delivery | Vixen Optics Australia

I own - I quite like it (on the lever action Show us your guns. - General Gun Chat - Oz Gun Lobby). And reasonably lite. But of course, what’s your budget?

If you are happy with a red dot, I recently found this:
Vector Optics V3 1x17x26 Red Dot Sight - 3.5moa Dot Size With 6 Levels Red Dot Intensity #Rdsl25 | C (xhunter.com.au)

Have not shot, but feels and looks great ( Show us your 22s - Longarms - Oz Gun Lobby - the one on his 96/22). @Supaduke might have more real user feedback on it. One thing to keep in mind, cheaper dots, this one included - has “smooshy” feel on adjustments (no clicks). Not the end of the world, I adjusted a bunch like that, just need to take your sweet time and go slow. TBH I am a bit addicted to reflex style red dot sights. Makes plinking super fun.

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Fucking hell. $700?

I still want one but I’m going to swear a bit

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You can get an Athlon LPVO for around the $430 mark.

@CountFuddula is this the one you owed at one point? I remember thinking it was pretty good.

Oh ye, I do have that one. But i got it second hand, so not really intune on $$$. It’s x4 though. I have it on my Frankenstein-303-45ACP, works alright. Also a bit heavy, but pretty good quality.

I have a Athlon but a larger model a 5-25 argus good scope but bulky and heavy compared to say a Bushnell still heavy also. Cant speak to price.

Picked up a Leupold VX freedom 3-9 Mildot rimfire. Just under $500, old stock.


Just thought i’d throw this in here, no idea what they’re like but this Nikko Stirling seems bloody cheap on sale from $200 down $79.