What's a decent budget scope for a CZ 515 tactical 22

What’s a decent budget scope for a CZ 515 tactical 22 ?

Well, you know the follow up question… :slight_smile:

What’s the:

  • your budget?
  • your magnification preference?

Would you be happy with a red dot?

Personally, I use ’ Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24’. I just looked it up, they went from $455 to almost $700, so I f*kn have no idea what ‘budget’ is in these days and age, because that scope is definitely a budget scope! We are so screwed with the economy right now.

Anyway, I stopped hyperventilating…

Something to consider as well, Strike Eagle is really heavy. I didn’t consider that when I got it. And I shoot mine mostly without support, so yeah, there’s that, bit heavy - but I am rambling now, it’s not a budget option anymore.

This one is pretty good too:
Vixen Riflescope 2-8x32 PLEX Code VX5848 Free Delivery | Vixen Optics Australia

I own - I quite like it (on the lever action Show us your guns. - General Gun Chat - Oz Gun Lobby). And reasonably lite. But of course, what’s your budget?

If you are happy with a red dot, I recently found this:
Vector Optics V3 1x17x26 Red Dot Sight - 3.5moa Dot Size With 6 Levels Red Dot Intensity #Rdsl25 | C (xhunter.com.au)

Have not shot, but feels and looks great ( Show us your 22s - Longarms - Oz Gun Lobby - the one on his 96/22). @Supaduke might have more real user feedback on it. One thing to keep in mind, cheaper dots, this one included - has “smooshy” feel on adjustments (no clicks). Not the end of the world, I adjusted a bunch like that, just need to take your sweet time and go slow. TBH I am a bit addicted to reflex style red dot sights. Makes plinking super fun.

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Fucking hell. $700?

I still want one but I’m going to swear a bit

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You can get an Athlon LPVO for around the $430 mark.

@juststarting is this the one you owed at one point? I remember thinking it was pretty good.

Oh ye, I do have that one. But i got it second hand, so not really intune on $$$. It’s x4 though. I have it on my Frankenstein-303-45ACP, works alright. Also a bit heavy, but pretty good quality.

I have a Athlon but a larger model a 5-25 argus good scope but bulky and heavy compared to say a Bushnell still heavy also. Cant speak to price.

Picked up a Leupold VX freedom 3-9 Mildot rimfire. Just under $500, old stock.


Just thought i’d throw this in here, no idea what they’re like but this Nikko Stirling seems bloody cheap on sale from $200 down $79.

Settling on the idea of an athlon which is tried and tested and JS approved but just wanted to throw this in there:


1-6x $495 with weaver rings - I do have an old second hand artic fox IR scope on my 308 and it seems OK?

Worth a punt or avoid? I’ll email and ask for the weight as there isn’t a lot of detail

Ok, so i have recently seen Vector lpvo that @Supaduke got and i think its better. Lighter, cheaper, rest similar.

I’ll let him give more feedback

Not sure on your use but I normally crank the mag up a bit with small target on the KYL or card splitting. Aim small miss small

Western Australia, 2025, colourised

This one? I’ll order today if so

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I got one, for $239 it’s very good. Durability remains to be seen but optically, was fine. Has a reticle very similar to the Vortex strike eagle.


Jumped in,

also got a couple of eBay mounts

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I wouldn’t bother trying to compare it to more expensive optics. It has a green and red option on the illuminated reticle. Each only has 4 settings of brightness. For general plinking it has proved adequate. Being only 1-6 mag it has its limits at 50m. On a bipod I can regularly get 50c size groups at 50m on x6 mag.

Clicks on turrets are reasonable. Not surgically precise but they are positive and audible.

The 1x option is passable for 2 eye shooting, it’s really about 1.2x

There are better scopes but they cost a lot more money. For $239 I think it’s a good budget option with acceptable performance.

Definately cheap. I’ll have a play and if I find myself using it a lot I can always upgrade.

Should be a step up on the red dot I’m using now.

Yeah I don’t mind it! Look forward to sighting in