Show us your guns.

that is adorable! have you had many issues getting a PTA for newer pistols?

Brett that’s way too many lady of the night guns… lol

Hows the range… I miss it!

What the hell @juststarting i cant use the word h o o k e r?? Lol

Because, they are ladies too :slight_smile:

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Nope, In NSW Cat G Post 46 pistol PTA’s are piss easy to get and no club sign off required.

@juststarting Can we lift the ban on the use of the term h.o.o.ker please? It’s a much better term then whor.e :slight_smile:

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Haven’t posted here in a while, well… Yeah, she’s puuuurty. In 223.

Runs really nice too. Replacement to my 7615.


I’ll be getting that licence for sure, thanks mate.

A good choice as a replacement still a very fast action if not faster certainly smoother action than a pump everything included.

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I can’t find any gun collection clubs near me Penrith area do you know any?

If you’re SSAA Sydney branch then you’re already a member, approval No.409 053 378 Make sure to call them and ask that “Collecting” be added to your membership and get a confirmation from them. Use this to login to NSW FAR, Add Category (G), pay $75 and you’re good to go. Here’s a strange bit, technically you need to have this category for 12 months before they’ll let you purchase a >46’ handgun. I had a half dozen in the first 3 months and they didn’t realise this for a couple years. I had to then submit a letter from the club president that my collection meets the genuine need. That took a couple days and all was sorted.

I also collect pistols that get me hard in the crotch :slight_smile:


cheers man I’m gonna sort that out right away I need all those smaller guns dude. Looks like you have a nice collection of guns I’m jealous lol.

This is my pride and joy and also the most expensive of the pistols I own.


Korth PRS nice bro!

You must have a CZ Shadow 2 yeah?

Nah he doesnt.

Has every other CZ though :rofl:


He collects guns, he doesn’t actually know how to shoot them :slight_smile: Goooooo team Shadow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Unless you put the target in the next postcode!

@Brett any update on a canon or the 20-50?

Yep, SP-01 Orange :slight_smile:

Approved by the NSW registry but Border Farce won’t let me import :frowning: I toyed with the idea of building one but the cost was massive so I’ve shelved the project for the time being. Brass was going to be another problem cause impact primed 20mm Vulcan is near impossible to source locally and getting an export permit from the U.S is impossible. If I can get enough brass then maybe I’ll have another think on building one :slight_smile: