Show us your 22s

Junk, should have gotten a target Sprotco martini in 22LR instead.

Even using a 500 round brick would be cheaper than sighting in almost anything else

My BSA 1215 Martini .22 outshoots my 39A any day.

:man_facepalming: “out shoot” - shoots implies you have more than one round :laughing:

Added this to the collection.
Remington 572 Fieldmaster.
Vintage Japanese Nikko Striling x4 Scope.
Nicely made, timber is nice.


Me again, you guys need to lift. Latest acquisition,
Ruger 96/22. I’d been on the fence about one of these for a while but a tidy example came up.
Took it to the range today, functions very nicely. Only put 100 rounds through to function test and give it a basic sight in.

Swapped out for a reflex sight, gives it a bit of an M1 Carbine vibe


Booootiful. I love the reflex sight look a lot more than scope on this one.

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Great fun gun!! They were pretty pricey at one point…like $2k almost!!

Yeah they got a bit ridiculous on price at one point. But they finally plateaued a bit in price then went back down.
Milsurps have done the same thing since Covid. Prices have steadied a bit.


So not exactly a new 22, to me or in general, but i did have a spare matching scope and it does have a groved receiver…

Quick test fit… I like it.

I wonder how a little red dot would look on it :thinking: (gets ready for mob with pitchforks)


Forget the pitchforks…Please kindly escort yourself to the woodchipper.

Oh and that looks bloody good BTW.

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It matches, it looks period.

So on a whim I started a new project.

I got one of these

PWS Summit, Toggle action .22

And I turned it into this

It’s an homage


If you know , you know.

It’s called “ The B- Team”


I love it when a plan comes together.

I hope that doesn’t mean you have to shoot like them? After years of episodes and millions of rounds they never hit anything lol.

Even as a kid, I questioned how did they end up in so many gunfights and never so much as injured anyone.

Yeah me too, the only time they ever shoot & killed people was the special when they went back to Vietnam, I think they were saving POWs or something. Plenty of “non Americans” died then lol.
God bless Murica :rofl:

Unless you were a window or a car head light you were pretty safe around them.

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I realise I’m replying to an old post but thought the info might be useful anyway - according to my Standard Catalogue of Winchester Firearms, The “Extra Long” stamping was added in 1914 and replaced with a “.22LR” stamping in 1927, so this rifle would have been made in that period between 1914 and 1927.

The proof marks Winchester used at the time don’t involve anything date specific so there’s basically no way to date the rifle more specifically, from what I understand.

Actually, the .22 Extra-long is a specific cartridge. The case is longer than .22LR and held 1 extra grain of blackpowder, 6gr, compared to the .22 Long cartridge which was loaded with only 5 gr of blackpowder. My references say the it was chambered in the Model 04 from 1916. It had the same velocity as a modern standard velocity .22 round. It will not chamber in a .22LR chamber but the .22LR will chamber in a .22 Extra-long chamber. You should never use modern Hyper-velocity .22 ammo in rifles chambered fo Extra-long.

Well, my chassis had finally arrived!

From this

To this!

99% there. Just one more accessory and it’ll be done :slight_smile: