What is the Oldest ammo you have shot?

Mine is some 1912 headstamped .303 that I shot in the 1980’s so 70 years old at the time.
Checking an ammo box last night that I haven’t opened for around ten years I found 750 odd rounds of 22 from the 80’s and early 90’s That I’ll quite happily use during the shutdown.

I do have an urge to try the century plus old Winchester ammo I bought a while back in my equally old Winchester just to highlight the current stupidity.

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On that note, @Wombat you should pop some here: Collectable ammo

I shot Carcano and Styer 8x56R, both from 1938 about two and one year ago respectively.

Steyr shoot amazingly well, Carcano hang-fire’ed most of the rounds.

I shot some old black powder paper shotgun cartridges about 25 years ago, most didn’t work. I don’t know how old they were, but they were old.

Yep, got time and a new to me DSLR camera here. The old .303 ammo,boxed and in clips was stolen in the mid 80’s but I’ll post some photos of other stuff.

I’ve shot some 44-40 from the 1890’s. About 5 rounds. So anemic we could actually see a few of the rounds fly through the air, only a little puff of smoke, dare say they were knackered. Also various .303 from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. All shite to be honest and not worth the trouble. The majority are click…bang. Some of it is downright dangerous with really long hangfires. Better off on a shelf as a collectible.

I shot some ww1 .303 a few years ago. I think it was 1916 made from memory but I could be wrong.
@juststarting carcano milsurp hang fires are great fun arnt they? I had some ammo that I brought just for the clips fired it and I think about 85 percent where hang fires some just refused to go at all.

100% accurate.

I have some unknown corrosive 7.62x39 stuff I decided to try. Hangfired when it did fire. Smells terribly sour. Illl get a pic because one of you will probably be able to decipher the headstamp.

The oldest ammo i’ve shot (or tried to shoot) was some army issue .30cal that my Pop packed away with an M1 carbine, I don’t really know how old it was but i assume it was probably of a similar age as the gun, out of the boxes i used up shooting cans (i would’ve been 10-12) i reckon about every third shot failed. The rest went into the bin and i took some pocket money down the the gun shop and bought some new shiny stuff that worked.