What I did in guns this week.

I think you need a 25x, you want to be able to see the grains in the paper you’re punching.

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Today was a 44 kind of evening. 4" of thunder. Yeah!

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I just collected the last of my stuff from my house in Victoria, including some reloading stuff and my large scrap lead collection. Ill be able to start casting again now.


I shot rimfire metallic silhouette this morning.
Fuck me do I suck, thats all I have to say about it!


So this week… It was cold and wet and I said nah! Saturday is kiddlet day, 300-with-change rounds within 2 hours. Very impressive, also, ouch. Thankfully he’s happy on 22, but today he discovered 357 pump action. Smile alone was worrh it after smashing steel with it.


Shot some western action this morning. Just the shooting, no dressing up in arseless chaps, although I did come up with a great ‘Handle’, my cowboy name is Brokeback Mountainman.
We shot two stages, second one a speed round. I had the best time in the first round, second best on the speed round and best combined time.
That is until rick, who was RO’ing and whos guns we all used ran the course and destroyed my score by 15 sec, but he didn’t write it on the scoresheet so the win goes to Brokeback!


I got my arse wooped in (IPSC) 22 practical rifle today. Almost entire cohort with 515s. I need to pull my finger out and take things more seriously, instead of yelling there are no walk throughs on the streets and operators don’t do walkthroughs and going into the stage blind lol. That said, some talented guys rocked up and oh my, oh dear did I get whooped. But also, super happy to get that next level of competence in the range to push the whole group up in skill. @Supaduke and @sungazer lost pretty bad too today. Mostly because they didn’t come!

@bentaz jokes aside, I recon it’s your discipline. It has 100% of everything you do. Vintage gun - check. Trail Boss - check. Variety - check. Shotgun - check. Cast bullets - check. I think you’ve found your niche :slight_smile: From memory the rules say something like minimum 2 items of period clothing? So, like boots and flanny or maybe a sherif badge, etc. There are people who take it to the next level, but technically within rules, you don’t need to dress up beyond what your hillbilly arse wears daily.


Its plenty of fun, but I wouldnt travel around to do it.
I just cant wait to have the funs to shoot everything on the calendar at my club. Only 4 more months of my P’s and I can start collecting.
This week I also got my pistol safe bolted bolted in, I’ll make the call today and organise an inspection then I can chuck my first 2 PTA’s in for these lil’ fella’s


did you put a timber top on the bench as i would think the alloy would damage the rifle huh mm great idea i will get me one to just hope they are adjustable for height, they should come with a fatman chair hehe