What I did in guns this week.

Mate a win is a win take em when you can and be happy.


Do you ever have one of those days?

Those days when you know the gun gods are looking down on you and smiling!

Well, I’ve had one today… I had one of those 4 new gun days.
This morning for breakfast I bought @juststarting Styer M95 and this Ruger.

I can’t possess the pistol just yet, but I’m getting close. Headed down to Coffs to buy a pistol safe, need to get that installed, inspected and get my event number (or some shit) before I can put in my PTA’S and I stumbled on these two gems…

Bottom one is a KFC single barrel 12ga, i got that because Bentaz.
But the top is also a 12ga, well a .729 smootbore, its only a cheap Indian reproduction but definitely a shooter.
Time to break the molds out.
Gotta put some PTA’s in tonight and hopefully get them on thursday.



And that’s all I got to say on that.

Remember the abuse we used to give to boris, the little bakail? The 900 gn double ball loads?
This thing has 3in chamber and the walls of the breach are seriously 10mm think, its built like a tank and should love those loads too!

I remember lol.

I flooded WLB with PTAs this morning. Will probably have the armed SERT team here shortly to supress a suspected new militia trying to arm itself :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Thats how you know your doing life right!

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I just picked up the two 12ga from yesterday and the guy tells me after I left yeasterday they discussed it and they want me to adopt a bunch of old shotguns.
Its a hard life.


Dropped off the provisional handgun license application at VicPol today. Never been more excited for a small bit of plastic


Dropped of? Not online and mail ?

There has been a few mystery disappearances of thongs and shoes from the back door and the dog has been ruled out. The next suspect is young foxes. This week I removed one of those suspects from the list It wont bring back the shoes but may save a chicken or two.


One of my dogs steals socks (yes, exclusively socks) and then brings them back as a bartering tool to swap for scratches or treats lmao


Pups used to take shoes and leave them around the back yard in her favorite sitting spots but these have gone and she was inside the nights they went missing. Which probably also allowed a fox to get right next to the house.
She has now grown out of kleptomania and shoe sitting.

Big gun week for me, this week I continued my shopping, a bunch of PTA’s came through so i picked up a few guns, I found a little 4" pro series S&W 686 which I’ll go back up the coast to pick up Tuesday. I ordered another red dot from Xhunter, I actually cant remember what sort it is now so it will be like a Xmas surprise when it turns up.
I browsed usedguns this morning and accidentally found & bought a another bloody Glock, not because i need it but just because it was a bargain, It happened to be very local so I’m picking it up tomorrow morning, for a gun I claim to not really like I seem to have a few of them lol. It kind of reminds me of my Mrs when she says she HAD to buy something because it was on sale :rofl:
I also cracked a bit of sweat as i put in a new raised slab downstairs to accommodate the new safe that is arriving next week.
Also my new corrected collectors lic came back this week which actually has the right condition codes on it now… You definitely don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work at WLB. :laughing:

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