What I did in guns this week.

Drowned my gun in inox and thank f*ck for air compressor! Drenched! Thats what a few of us did this week :slight_smile:

Got in a rage looking for something I hadn’t seen since moving six weeks ago.

Topped out two packing boxes on the garage floor. One had all my carefully sorted brass in it… FML

Need to bribe the kids to sort it again…

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Set up another Super Simplex for 45 Colt!

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Sorted, didn’t take as long as I thought it would

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Well, I did quite a bit actually. I cleaned another gun, a shotgun in fact :face_vomiting: But it needed maintenance bad. I then refilled my 12ga ammo can that ran dry and realised that I may have shot a bit more shotgun than anticipated over the last few months. Seriously, access to steel and new lever/button shotties are a game changed for me. From I hate this shit, to I need more ammo.

What else, blah, blah, blah, same, same, blah, blah, blah, but! The highlight being my oldest is now officially allowed to join us at a big boy pew club, so shooting we did. A lot. Super happy. Something we can do together, so pretty stoked about that.


I can’t wait, my eldest is 9. Missus isn’t keen and fuckheads in govco want to change the age to 12 but I honestly think he could out shoot me on Wednesday

Why did I say Wednesday? Who knows?

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Younger they learn the better. I think it reaffirms responsibility, when taught properly.

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After a very long wait, including several months on back order and then the BS of waiting for PTAs , it all came together today.

Picked up some new toys and headed straight for the range.
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I actually got out to the club today after no shooting for a few weeks.
Shot a couple of Los Alamedos matches this morning, it was bloody good fun.


I went from shooting this regional comp

To busting rats in a dairy all in the same day with the same gun.


I put a shotgun in the ute, then got it back out and put it back in the safe.
That is all.


Fuckin’ nothin’!
Stuck in the dust carting wheat.


I had a go at the bear for the first time in two months (appendix exploded and I didn’t want to shoot on painkillers), wasn’t allowed to use 9mm because I brought jacketed ammo

Anyway I think the bear would have been pissed off at least

And I got club support for the Glock and PDP

And sighted in the cz515

Happy days