What I did in guns this week.

Thanks for the tip that’s good to know, that would’ve sucked and done your head in trying to work out the problem.
When i tried my mates one we didn’t use any weight on it or hold it any firmer than I’d hold the gun normally. I actually found it more handy for after the shot, being more stable it just made it so easy to keep everything perfectly still while you walk the crosshair from bullseye to the point of impact for a quick sighting instead of chasing it around the paper. That and the easy repeatability for a couple of follow ups seemed to work well with my mild OCD lol.

Loaded some 44M and shot the Service Match on Sunday. 50m was a bust, sights off. Screwed up the order of one of the 25yd multiples.

Good weekend. Going to chrono some 44 now.


Nice 10 and 7 yard scores. I’m lucky if I get to fire my second set, let alone score that well at 7.
I love my 1911 but dropping and reloading a mag with loose rounds from your pocket @ 7 gives me trouble. I can do it with the 686 but my young bloke is usually shooting that.

First shots with the 44!

Six offhand, six barricade, six seated behind resting on a blue barrel. Damn thing is dead on out of the box. The bloke who owned it is a legend, his load recipe as well.



I did the “Set the sights to travel mode” trick today and shot the entire 50yards CLEAR.

On the bright side, think of all the patches I saved. A silver lining to everything, ya gotta stay positive. Id neck myself but the rope would break.


I finally painted my press riser mount…

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Remounted the scout scope for some steel plinking fun on my 357 cadet…


I shot a Los Alamedos match this morning, shot some pistol last monday too and did some plinking at steel plates with the Berika after tighti g in the red dot.
But thats about it, mostly been fucking with my fish stuff in my spare time this last week.

I’ve shot a few matches this week, probably 3 days at the range, including IPSC in the morning (now that the footy season is over). I forgot how to shoot big boy guns, so this week was all centrefire. With one exception, when I shot 22 in the evening (needed low lighting) to adjust the laser, because… Lasers! I thought about cleaning my guns. But I ran out of carby cleaner, so I didn’t clean my guns. I don’t think I would have anyway, the phases of the moon weren’t right. I used what was left of it to wash my bore snakes, last time that was done was about 3 or 4 years ago. Ordered more carby cleaner, so if I’m motivated enough, I might clean them in 2 weeks. And the KRG Bravo chassis (in Sako green of course) for my CZ appears to have been shipped from the land of the free, as the email would suggest. So, overall, reasonably pewpewey week.


Oh yes and I also shot shotgun IPSC which I haven’t done in a while… That was a couple of weeks ago though, but I did ordered one more shell carrier, this guy:

TB-FMA Shotshell Carrier New 8Q Series Practical Shotgun 12 Gauge Shell Belt Holder BLACK For Hunting Gun Gear - AliExpress


Things you learn through doing… I have 2, but on the clock and on the move you drop a few and what not… Best to have a loaded gun and 24 on the rig :smiley:


I blooded the new 22 with a baby bunny and an egg stealing crow*2. This lead to some thinking of which guns had shot what and which ones still had to prove themselves and get used more.

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Im pushing hard to gain some interest in shotgun ipsc at my club

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I took my step daughter and my mates (who died a few weeks ago) son to the pistol club this morning seeing as its school holidays.
Its the only time I see Izak smile or laugh these days, understandably. Got membership papers for him now and we are having dinner at hisplace tonight so I’ll sit down with his mum and get them and his ssaa membership sorted tonight.
Step daughter did well, considering its the second time shes ever touched a pistol and 3rd time shes even seen a gun.
Shot this with a club 22/45

And then this with another members nice new ruger mk4 with a red dot.

Bot at 10yrds.
I managed to get a couple of shots in once the kids were finished and did this, 18 rnds from the clubs Norinco 9mm 1911.

Probably the best I’ve been able to group with my limited 9mm experience so for.
All in all a good morning was had!


She actually out shot Graham with his own gun, which was funny.
In his defence, he has only been shooting pistols for a year, he is 75 and his arthritis won’t let him shoot clays any more, he also struggles to see much past the 10 yrd line.


@Supaduke you see this ?! Thats how you meant to shoot :palm_down_hand: :microphone:

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State titles again. CF went real well but lost a heap of points in RF. Still happy with the result.


Had to adjust the red dot on Buckmaster and thought, lets see how fast i can actually shoot.

6 aimed shots at 6 steel plates at 10-15m. All plates must be hit and fall.

  • Best string, from shouldered on target position: 3.8 seconds; with
  • Average 4.2 seconds

Not bad.

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One man steel challenge

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Tell you what, reloading was the longest part. I recon about 100-150 shells, just like that woosh.

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I quickly put a like when I saw this as I was running out the door at the time. But now a more comprehensive Congratulations. It is great to see guys here out there doing it and winning. Getting involved practicing at comps improves your shooting in all conditions and environments.

Also great to see that the members of this site are out there doing it and sharing there experience with others that was the aim of the website and @Juststarting aka @juststarting should also be congratulated on a fantastic site.