What I did in guns this week.

I’ve written the thing.

Moved house so no shooting but new workshop space

And before the fudd gets upset yes it meets schedule 4 storage requirements.

I have 24 days left to notify WAPOL just considering adding another safe or two before I do


Thats some really good space. The only upsetting thing is the safe mate. Way too small for a good collection :confused: Way too small.

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Maaaate…what do you mean “considering adding another safe”? You’ve got room there for a few big double door models. So much wall space, so few pewpews!! I’ll even send you a 100pk of dynabolts as a house warming present. :grin:


I’m refusing to buy more pew pews until the pending WA restrictions are clarified

In theory I should be able to get a few more pistols but I’m not paying WAPOL $360 to apply for something I might have to hand in within a year

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$360 for a handgun pta?!

I know and i whinge that $45 is a ripoff here in Qld lol, $360 fucking thieves!!

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$57ish here. No more complaining.

$9.20 for A&B - now I’m just being mean.

My licenses and PTA’s are free!

And so they should be too.

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Yeah they all should be, but then I guess we need to pay for those free needles in the safe injecting rooms somehow.

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I can understand the cun7s charging 360 bucks for the PTA. not saying i agree, but the logic, treating it like smokes and basically trying to tax them off the market, but its complete bullshit that you still have to pay it if they knock you back.

I don’t mind paying a fee really, i just enjoy whinging about the gov when it comes to anything gun related lol. But when you’ve done your bit like you have i agree with all the things & certain taxes you no longer have to pay for, it’s the least they can do.

Cheers mate, but all I did was put your taxes through a howitzer a couple of grand at a time and fly around in helicopters and shit.
I would of paid them to let me, but apparently it doesn’t work that way. Lol


Pretty sure you back begs to differ…

Yeah, but its a winging cun7, i wouldn’t listen to it!

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Sorry I just guessed instead of checking… an additional would ONLY be $285

So what your saying is the removalist would basically pay for themselves in a years time?

A couple of weeks ago i tried a mates led sled while doing some sighting in and it was a great bit of kit that really takes the “people factor” out of the whole aiming part of shooting :grin:. So you wouldn’t believe it but for Fathers Day i got a lead sled (well actually a Ridgeline copy of a Caldwell lead sled :smiley:).

Very nice. I got some card. Hand made. A real present! That wasn’t bought with my money!