Thoughts on Shooters Union?

Sorry a little of topic here but while I remember i’d like to ask a question what are your thoughts on the Shooters Union Australia at the bottom of the post above it asks for people to join and in the past I have thought about joining a body like it to help with fair treatment of law abiding gun owners I hadn’t heard much about this union but seems they are giving a honest go at fighting for us so would like to hear from you boys and gals and your knowledge of the shooters union Thanks


I’m a member. They are very present on the Ausguns forum on Reddit which is where I first encountered them

From my experience, the main groups representing firearm owners are SSAA, Shooters Union and Firearm Owners United (FOU).

In my opinion, the SSAA are often in an awkward position trying to balance between being a sporting organisation and a gun lobby and sometimes those two areas conflict.

I’ve only encountered the FOU at an arms and militaria fair where they were selling t-shirts with “I am the gun lobby” on them and had signs calling for the right to bear arms. Even if I agree with a lot of what they want, they are styling themselves as the Aussie NRA and I think that’ll do more harm than good.

So that leaves the Shooters Union who I feel are respectful in their position but firm in what they want and what they are asking for.

What I’d really like to see is them and the SSAA team up and work together. SSAA handling the sporting side of things like running ranges and competitions and the Shooters Union lobbying.

Thanks for that Nomis could you tell me the cost of membership off hand I to think the same with the SSAA sometimes it looks as though they are doing nothing and their loyalty lays elsewhere but seems like there’s a lot going on behind closed doors sometimes I just wish the SSAA would let us know more of what is going on

I think the Shooters Union is $50 a year or a life membership for about $1200 but it’s been a while since I joined. You get a fancy looking card out of it at least.

My understanding is that they existed in Queensland only to start with and then went national a year or so ago.

Right O mate thanks i’ll look into it further thanks again cheers

Can you use Shooter’s Union membership as your genuine reason for your licence?

I think a lot of people join the SSAA because of that.

You can in Queensland. They also have a collecting organisation which you can join which lets you apply for a collector’s licence in Queensland.

Their websites says they have state specific websites coming soon so I’d assume their plan is to have their organisation be a reason for a licence in each state.

Membership also gives you firearms insurance in all states, same as SSAA.

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Sweet, think I’ll make the switch when my SSAA membership expires.

What’s the point of waiting, @Tempestman? Buy membership now and let the other one lapse.

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All done 1yr $35 and goes up to life time $700 i’m now a member

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I dropped the ssaa for same reasons as above. Joined the SFFP. Tax deductable too. $40 PA

Just for interest sake, Is it important that we have some sort of a membership? I let my ssaa membership lapse long ago but have been think thinking Of joining the shooters union lately.

I contacted LRD here in Vic about that before my last renewal and the answer was no!

I think it is important to have a membership of sorts to have someone fighting on our ( legal gun owners) behalf us on our own would achieve nothing each to their own choice I chose the shooters union as from now lets hope they can make a change

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I’m holding onto my SSAA membership purely for the discount at their ranges. Happy to support both organisations.

Yeah me to got insurance with ssaa

Hi everyone! Our media director heard there was a discussion here so has created a Shooters Union account (this one) - that way if you’ve got questions we can (hopefully) help! :slight_smile:


God damn, that’s how you do it right! @ShootersUnion welcome.

Whats on the map for Victorians, from you guys?

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That’s why I am no longer an SSAA member. Had a RO come up and question me as to why I had not renewed my membership yet (had a couple of weeks left) and basically insinuate that as soon as my membership lapsed they would be right on the phone to Licensing, they “have to” and I’d Loose my license…
Told him to go forth and multiply, If they are going to be like that.
I know it was just one dickhead, but as far as I’m concerned I don t react well to coercion.
I don’t need a club membership, with property letters, expression of interest etc.

Thanks! Our role is to represent all law-abiding firearms users in Australia, so it keeps us pretty busy. :slight_smile:

There are things on the cards for Victoria but we don’t have a state branch there yet. However, Shooters Union Australia membership is national, so people from any state can join and it all helps us when we’re representing shooters interests.

For example, we’ve written to the NT Acting Police Commissioner demanding clarification on the Savage A22R reclassification there (, and we have individual members in the NT who have been in touch with us and will be helping us challenge the recategorisation there.