The big fat Afghanistan pullout thread.

The people of Afghanistan would just like to thank all those bright sparks who voted for Joe Biden :rofl:


It would have happened with Trump just the same @JSS

Whatever helps you sleep at night lol.

You cracker.

If being aware that almost anyone on the planet including Trump and possibly even a well trained chimp would make a better president than Biden makes me a cracker i’ll proudly take it. :wink:


Two separate conversations here. Re: Afghanistan withdrawal, it would have happened exactly like it, regardless of the president.

I disagree, would the Afgan Pres have bolted if the US pulled out exactly the same way? yes. would the Afgan army dropped their guns & run? yes. BUT would a smarter/better US president have pulled out in exactly the same manor with so many things ignored to allow this to happen and so many of their and their allies people left on the ground given the advice he was apparently given by all the experts? No i seriously doubt it.
He fucked up bad!! Plain & simple.

Don’t get me wrong, we shouldn’t be there in the first place and needed to GTFO, but what’s happened is a joke and is on him and who ever had his ear telling him to ignore the advice provided.

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The US has been leaving its shit behind since WW2. In the pacific islands they just dumped a huge amount of stuff into the ocean as well as sunk a heap of ships there.
In Vietnam they left heaps of stuff behind again pushing choppers off ships into the ocean leaving tanks behind where they stood all sorts of stuff.

As far as I know, this was a decision to make space on ships to evacuate Vietnamese, no?

In some cases it was but there are other places that they just junked stuff rather than bring it home.

Yep it’s easier & cheaper to leave it, dump it, or destroy it than it is ship it home so it’s always been std procedure. But that’s not what we’re talking about as far as fuckups with the withdraw.

I disagree with you… But I felt like you’d enjoy this anyway.


Leaving is just as dangerous as arriving they all have to get out at the same time as quickly as possible. You cant draw down troops slowly leaving the last one vulnerable to attack.

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The pullout method has never been that reliable!


And rarely performed correctly with a pearl necklace finale.

Biden’s got something on his face, I don’t think it’s egg!

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Either way it was a 20yr waste of taxpayers money…just ask Scomo…I will never understand why a radical religion/political view is the western worlds problem.

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Because left unchecked they have a tendency to spill out of that world in to ours.

That’s when it’s our worry, until then…let them keep putting on the suicide vests …

No, that’s when it’s too late.