Shutting down gun shops (COVID-19 related)

Well, WA coppers are shutting the gun shops down. They haven’t released details though. About half way down on the following link.

PDF is up, I love the Public safety cop out. They couldn’t even give a longer explanation as to why they are concerned for public safety.

Welcome to WA where arse is your head and your head is your arse.

Gun shops closed
The WA government has moved to close gun shops and firearm dealerships from noon.
Under the emergency management act all firearm dealers across the state are required to close.
Farmers will still be able to access ammunition for pest control and animal welfare.


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“1. The purpose of these directions is to ensure public safety during the state of emergency.”

What the actual fuck do they think is going to happen? What a troll. confiscations next?

People aren’t stocking up to go on a zombie killing spree. They are stocking up because it is very likely it will be a while before we get more ammo after the current wholesale orders are filled.

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It doesn’t matter what people are stocking up on! It’s retarded. 1 round or 1000, this morons think someone can go into a store and do what? Buy a gun?! Just off the shelf? Virtue signalling at its best.

There is of course another grim option, why this was done, which I am not going to go into, but those who are that way inclined, would be doing it regardless of ammo and whatever else, don’t need a stockpile or box for that.

Virtue signalling by impotent pollies, who are so out of touch with people, they may as well live on a different planet.

What I love is that the email was sent at 13:18 PM to dealers but the document states the shops needed to close at 11:59 AM

This section of our firearms act has me concerned with the overzealous coppers here.

Clause (b) oh my

Pretty much every section in our act concerns me.

The police email didn’t include anything about primary producer exemptions. Just that you will be visited by the police if you have a store front.

I am sure in WA that will apply to Sport stores that have a gun section. I hope this doesnt occur at least in the next few days in Vic and QLD as I need to persue a warranty or tech issue in QLD and need a cheap set of rings from the LGS and possibly some powder for a colorful identify on this forum. Thats not like in the Police meaning of the word Colourful but I thought it a good choice of words. :grin: F the internet has been bad today. good excuse to do some tractor time.

You can believe we are livid about this. Totally unacceptable.


…but to the letter of the law.

Our major concerns are the “to ensure public safety” crap and the “if the ranges are closed, you don’t need ammo etc” line of thinking.

We’re writing to the Police Commissioner and the Premier, but given WA’s anti-gun reputation I think we all know how likely that is to change anything.


I am on your side, it’s ridiculously offensive, risks jobs, discriminatory, I agree. Simply saying, it’s in their power to do so legally… And you have a smug virtu signalling self censored - hard battle.

However, response from them would be good, because it is offensive and not true or shall we say a blatant lie, because ‘public safety’ - public cannot just come in and buy a gun or ammo. And LAFOs have ammo, so really, it’s a virtue signalling move, which also demonstrates that someone has no idea how the law works, yet has this power.


We all know gun shops are better off opened in public safety sense, gun shops are most vulnerable when unattended and not staffed why can’t they see this. Auspol in general are exerting way too much control and like pollies need to get back to serving and not controlling.

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@ShootersUnion The one point that you should have made is that with every gun shop in WA closed for an undetermined period of time the brilliant decision that they made has now turned them into a crime hotspot.
Every low life crim/hood/druggy will be looking to knock a couple over and steal guns etc.

Very smart idea WAPOL.

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For something like this we needed to move fast and it needed to be succinct. We’ll be writing to the WA Premier on Monday with a longer letter which will include the point you made :slight_smile: