Say hello and introduce yourself :)

Hi @Joshua.s

Tell us a bit about yourself. What sorts of shooting are you in to? Etc. :slight_smile:

From Geelong originally. Moved to Ballarat about 15 months ago . Mostly hunt the usual small game ie feral and introduced. But do make an effort a couple of times a year to go and fill the freezer with venison. Been collecting for the most part of 20 years . Not much of a target shooter but don’t mind a day at the range every now and then . Also enjoy a fish when the opportunity arises. Usually have a project on the go at all time’s whether its a refurb or build . So always trying to find parts and pieces or learn new techniques to get them finished. Other than that , not much else to tell


The military club im in can be good for sourcing service rifle parts, etc…We have 3 dealers also as members…2 good ones i believe

Now when I read “cuddling by an open fire” all I could picture was a bloke giving his missus a hug at the gun range while everyone was firing their guns


Welcome @drc87

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Hi all

I see a few names I recognise here so first things first.

To anyone who remembers this user name less than fondly, I can only offer an apology and the assurance that this is a new and completely sober species of gaznazdiak, one with a reacquired ability to keep it’s droppings in it’s own corner of the zoo and not throw them, unsolicited, at other residents.
Unless requested.
I’ve had stranger requests.

I was given my first gun, Winchester 04 .22, at 13 and still have him.

I have a Sportco Model 80 12g I bought in Kmart for $40. Gave the lady at the sports counter $50 and she gave me the shotty and a box of SGs, all done in 15 min…

BSA Super Meteor .177 (Kmart again)

I also have a Howa 1500 .223 24" fluted varmint.

My latest is a new Walnut LA101 .22 and I’ve collected 2kg of empties testing ammo, developing range notes and doing some terminal ballistics tests with subsonics, the results of which changed my ill informed previous assumptions.

I have also started making knives, nothing artistic or particularly fancy, just strong, scary sharp tools made with recycled materials.

I’m hoping to join the local small bore club and compete with the Lithgow, the results using Center X were very reassuring.


Gday again mate.
Welcome back, and welcome back to the world of the well behaved. Lol.
The old sportco mod 81 is a ripper mate, i miss mine :cry:

It depends if it’s warranted…

Kind of recognize the name did you morph into some other usernames as well?
Anyway welcome aboard and be Kind as they say in schools these days. :grinning:

Thanks guys.
@sungazer no, only ever used this one, it would feel less than honest to hide behind a name change.

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G’day mate.

Did you happen to use a camel head as your avitar?


I don’t recognise your handle but I hope I didn’t give you an undeserved tuneup at some time, I tended to preach at people when I was “shiny” and having literally gallons of twice distilled moonshine on hand, that was most of the time.

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No not at all mate. Never had an issue. :beer::beer:

:+1: :beers:

Hi all,
Yes new here and learned my lesson quickly when trying to make an honest sale.
Anyhow i will now keep item for load development.

From SA all my life riding and racing dirt bikes (hence the name) but after too many crashes and operations i had to turn my frustrations towards another hobby.

Which led me to GUNS. Rifles only. I quickly got sick of looking for places to shoot so ended up buying my own small acreage and have just finished putting in a 500m long strip with gongs at every 100 (its a bit like a range).

well that’ll do for starters.
Cheers, Cumagutsa


Welcome aboard mate. Don’t know what the rules are in S.A, but here in NSW, you can’t build your own range without relative approvals.
However, so long as you don’t build permanent structures/fixtures, you are allowed to “practice” on your own land. My swingers and targets are all portable, so not permanent. 500m is a good start, I can go out to 1000. :grin: