Mosin M44 with folding bayonet

Arghhhh $300 Mosin Carbine, no! I must stay strong! I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it. I don’t even want it.

@Nomis now this is what you call enabling.

with the attached bayonet makes an excellent scrub pig gun

Are they suggesting you should stab the pig?

Would love to pick one of these up if it was Chinese. I haven’t been able to find a Type 53 on the used websites though.

Only place I’ve ever seen Type 53s is from Owen Guns in QLD which is where I got mine. Their website is useless though. Best to call them and have a chat if you are interested.

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This is a great deal, even with a pitted barrel. If you’re ever going to get one, buy this. It’s only $50 more than my Type 53 was and that thing was FILTHY.

Plus, mine is missing its bayonet.

Yeah? I’ll give them a ring.

Last time I saw one was for Auction with Australian Fine Arms. I think they estimated it was going to to be 600-700 with apparently a very good bore.

Mine had a good bore but was just gross. Covered in dirt and grime. Missing its bayonet and had the bolt handle turned down. Interestingly, the trigger had been seriously improved. Clearly some Chinese peasant knew what they were doing.

I was also lucky enough to get one that still had its original People’s Militia sling. I have a post on here somewhere that showed what I did to get it cleaned up in case you have seen it.

They are all pitted from corrosive ammo, I doubt there are any pre-1945 Mosins with clean barrels or that haven’t been counterbored. And on the same note, why the fuck would you want a post-WW2 Mosin (that’s just my opinion) :slight_smile: Or any post WW2 milsurp for that matter (with maybe a handful of exceptions).

Post-WW2, in a sense where the same model was produced before and after some conflict and then retired. Must be in a conflict to be in my safe :slight_smile:

Here is all the info about mine. The Type 53 Project

Ron at Owen Guns is, shall we say, entertaining to deal with. He’s great but get ready for some wild conversations. Worth it though, considering he went through them, picked out his best and sold it to me for $220.

If you ever get the chance to visit him, I highly recommend it!

I think a load of them were used in Vietnam, and a couple early ones were used in Korea. I mostly want it because it’s a Chinese made milsurp, and I don’t even know where to begin in terms of looking for a Chinese made Mauser that the KMT used.

@Nomis - Thanks for the link, hopefully they’ve got some with the bayonet on them. Folding bayonet is a must for me, mostly because of how cool it is lol.

And helps with social distancing.

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Unfortunately they don’t. They were all sold from China without the bayonets. Liberty Tree in the US does sell them separately however.

They were certainly used in Vietnam. There are multiple photos of them being used by VC and the AWM has one on display that was found by Australian soldiers in a VC ammo cache.
I’ve never been able to find any evidence that they were used in Korea.

Hmm - I can’t find it again, but I saw a photo of one supposedly captured in Korea. I can’t find any other sources to confirm this though, so I’m probably mistaken.

Are we allowed to import bayonets from the US? I know it’s not ITAR because it wasn’t made or designed there, but I figured there were other importation laws.

I believe we can but to be fair, I haven’t actually done it. My understanding is they are no different from a knife in terms of laws.

Its sold now. Which one of you brought it?
I got a bayonet for my Type 53 from Liberty Tree a while ago. Came through no worries. If you are going to get one just make sure that you get the right one. There are two types.

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At that price the barrel is probably done. I had a polish made one, almost unfired. Sold it for 700. I Love how the bayonet has a flat screwdriver on its tip. The Russians are great improvisers. The triggers are terrible inconsistent, like a falcon door handle…never know when it’s going to break. You will need band aids if you intend on clip feeding it also, the clips slice your thumb open, if you dont wear gloves.

Yeah, I load mine manually. However, I do have original clips which seem to be a bit better than repros, but I never use them, just stack them manually.

A few guys in the club shoot them, and they all have Nagant thumb…Clip loading is a must in most of our club matches, if you want to get all your shots off!