Gun adds I wish I could buy!


12/22 and then some.
451291 – Used Guns

I wouldnt mind the set of inserts.

Yeah, and they are threaded too.

I know a guy who has one with about 6 inserts, and the same amounr of birth certificates…they have some cool factor, but all thr inserts are only 6 inch long…its a pistol encased in a pipe, basically

This would be nice, if it was chambered in say anything else.

And had a magazine.

There is absolutely nothing made by that mob that is “collectable”, it’s a bit like saying the flanno shirt I bought at Target is a collectable.


Na, but they make servicable knock around guns for killing things.

Can we expect any cheap optics with this retarded button battery law?

Too late, if they are non complaint they cant be sold new now.

Well at least it’s going to be safe to give firearms to toddlers