Gun adds I wish I could buy!

You owe it to yourself @Mullmans go get more guns!

Move to Victoria. :slight_smile:


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Looks cheap…i paid i lot more for a Greener, but its pristine!

Yeah, its no Greener mate.
I have a few of these old single shot BP milsurp shotgun conversions. The Belgians bought up whole arsenal’s of out dated late 1800’s rifles and rebarreled them. Im the only person i know of that loves them. I have 1871 mausers, french Gras and a Snider. I did have a Comblain in 410 but its sold now.

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1871 Mauser!!! I hate you!

I have 2 of them!


12 beats 11 any day mate!

Nice! Original shooters?? They be worth a few chips if so…

They are both 12ga farmers guns like the one above

Damn i thought u were taliking 11mm rifle…but 12g is good
This heres a good deal that one of you should jump on.

So’s this one.

The Hornet is worth it, for the Hornet parts even…cheapest Hornet ive seen for a while

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Queensland maybe

Florida would be even better