Gun adds I wish I could buy!

I thought I’d start a thread where we can share those adds we wish we could buy, Guns we just think are cool!

Ive never owned one, but I think the ruger No. 1 is the best looking rifle made these days

That Ruger! In 45-70 - I would love it! But oh-my they cost a lot for what they are.

i would have one in 221 fireball
220 swift
375 h&h
and then i wouldnt need any other hunting rifles, sure I’d still keep all my old rifles though :sunglasses:


375 H&H is a classic, I’d love that in Ruger… After I got my H&R, I developed somewhat of an appreciation for single shot rifles. There’s a certain charm to them. Especially falling block and break open actions. Single shot bolt acton - eh, not so much, unless it’s a 50BMG of course or an Enfield 22LR trainer.

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I have a couple of these already. in my opinion the best value for money all round shotgun you can buy!

So much drool. The dollars thought…

Nice. Good price too if you look at the price of black, the CBE molds and kelly sights.

Shouldn’t a Quigley be 45-120? I’m pretty sure old Quig’s wouldn’t be court dead with that little pea shooter.
Still a beautiful gun.

I was going to comment on the wood. while looking great is that the way it would have been originally? It just looks to modern in the finish. I dont know squat about the rifle its a question

Looking at googled pics of the movie rifle his is not so nice n shiny.

This is a bloody bargain and just up the road from me too.

Need a shotty…

That’s a bargain to good to pass up. They are a very under-rated gun, well made and tough as nails, maybe not as pretty as some others but a good gun.

Maybe i should grab it. No room in the safe though and no spare cash for both gun and safe.

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@Gwion… Step 1, find or “create” an excuse and buy it. (Accidentally tripped and hit buy on the computer or something) … Step 2, point out to the missus the “accidental purchase” is going to put you over the limit regarding current safe storage capacity and reinforce the legal storage requirements, thus justifying the legal requirement to urgently free up some cash for another safe to prevent breaching them, I’m sure she wouldn’t want to see ya get in trouble…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… See, all good… lol

Simples… lol


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…or you could just store it upside down.

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