Funny gun ads, for the lolz

You thinks the first one is a bit much… the second one is asking $4500! :flushed::laughing:

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They are crazy prices for an Omark. I was think ok it may have a super expensive scope or something but NO. Even if it had just won a Kings prize meet or something it should not fetch that much.


Yep. I was thinking of selling mine for $6500 ‘coz of its custom stock :nerd_face::rofl::flushed:

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Yeah that’s a joke. The last one I converted to 223 I sold for 1200 scoped! But in saying that it, shot better than other 223s costing over $4000, just maybe not as pretty.


FMD WTF did I just read

Ruger 96/22 - SSAA Gun Sales

Ruger 96/22 with heavy shortened (16.5 inch) barrel, 5 magazines (1 @ 25 round, 2 on a back-to-back adapter) and a 1.5-5x20 Chinese ‘Leopold’ mildot scope (which is actually quite good). Trigger has been lightened.
Stock is stained black for the ‘tacticool’ look and length of pull reduced to 12.5 inches, for a compact overall length of 90cm (35.5 inches).
The barrel band has been replaced by 2 socket screws into the larger diameter section of the barrel, and this section is grooved for rimfire mounts, should you prefer to use longer eye relief scopes.
Utterly reliable and accurate.

…and lets not forget “I scraped all the black coating off to make it even more tacticooler.”

FUCK for reference this is what an unbubbed one looks like
Show us your 22s - Longarms - Oz Gun Lobby

But they are only asking $1400 as compensation for this Utterly reliable and accurate piece of Art. :thinking: :face_vomiting:

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One more gem…


Is the lever not the perfect length already to kinda monkey paw it an thumb activate?

What would an extended lever do in terms of ergo?

I don’t know dude, this is just next level stupid.

I saw a different version advertised somewhere a couple of weeks ago, I think it was $150-200 and on their video spiel it looked to be in a much better position than the factory one but they admitted it did add to the level of “free play” in the lever.

Yes, it is for me. But I have small hands

This one’s funny but for the opposite reason to normal, it was just too much gear for the money so i had to buy it…Fuck now i have just way too many Glocks!! Picking it up tomorrow :rofl:


I was just going to say that the bag costs more than the gun! Very good score

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