Funny gun ads, for the lolz

Checkout the trigger guard, ay! Because this is what criminals do. Steal a rifle. Collect pure lead. Buy custom moulds, that cost almost half the rifle. Learn to cast and then cast bullets. Make bullet lube. Lube bullets. Find black powder. Find wax. Melt wax to make grease cookie. Make some wads. Get cases for 577-450 and then press those mother’s together. Totally fucking lol worthy.


Oh yes and then go on a drive by rampage with this 2m monstrosity. Probably on a horse.

You do remember this death machine, don;t you?
if you don’t lock up your Martinis the go rouge!

No I do not! But I love it!

Not a funny one , just a big F.U. to GCA!


Missing a barrel… Na that’ll buff right out!

only taken to the range twice.
Must be because of the embarrassment :rofl:

And somebody bought the bloody thing for $4000, WTF?

No. Just, no!

Makes me wonder how much I’d get for my Howa… enough to buy a Barnard???

gotta pimp that howa first brahhhh!

Its been trued by the gunsmith and fitted with a SIICK Truflite custom barrel and tacticool 20MOA rail… just needs a GRS stock now… should be worth at least $5k by then! :joy:

I like it.

4g’s holy fricken hell, it’s fugly as

sorry but practical / useful mods have no place in the second hand market, just go and buy a whole bunch of Ebay crap and bolt it all on and scatter some more bits around it for the photo’s and boom, sold for 500% profit!

@juststarting You should do a Mosin version then! :laughing:

You wash your mouth out with soap!

I sent him a link for a tacticool stock, but he wasnt man enough to do it, lol! :rofl:

:joy:bah hahahahaha…

Ok, so hold on to your sits boys and boys. I have a K31 and K11. Now, K11 is what I like. K31 - eh, it’s neat but, meh. So I am actually thinking of getting a tactical stock for it. Give that old girl a new modern lease on life.