Fun 22 comps: IPSC Mini Rifle (IPSC for 22LR rifles)

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There are other 22PRS competitions, but I only have a maximum of 50m range to play with. However, I have access to a lot of IPSC/handgun competition props and gear. So… What to do, what to do. Well, combine the fun of 22PRS (also known as/similar to NRL22) with even more fun of IPSC (or IPSC Mini rifle). So, yeah, YMMV, this is not a how-to, rather sharing an experience and maybe it will help someone introduce a little variety into their clubs (or push you to get a Cat H :slight_smile: licence). There’s a much bigger thread on working up to organising a new competition in our private sections, but this is not about that.

After talking to and getting a lot of help from some creative and committed shooters, the competition became a mix of 22LR PRS and IPSC Mini rifle, with NRL22 scoring system. I did add hard time limits on stages and some stages had ammo limits. I am still experimenting with ammo limits, but I think I will abandon that idea. The course of fire is a lot more dynamic and closer to IPSC than PRS from 20m and closer. And then PRS-like from 50m. Sounds easy, but shooting instinctively, against the clock, with holdovers is not that simple as a lot of us have learned over the last few months.

I’ve been running this comp with help from others at a local club for a few months now, once a month. We started with bare essentials. Few barrels, few shooting positions, some gongs, that’s about it. Over time we learned a thing or two about what’s fun, course of fire layouts, what works and what doesn’t (although this is something I learn every comp and adjust), and how to setup achievable but very challenging shooting positions, with props and timers and physical activity.

Today was no exception, a lot of fun was had. I made a few last minute changes and ramped up first stage from 13/14 targets to 20. A couple of people had to get creative with magazine loading, but the majority had enough.

This is a walkthrough through of stage 1 and parts of stage 2:

Some folks on the forum have shot this before, @sungazer , @Tempestman , @Supaduke… It really opens up your eyes to challenges of a run-and-gun type of competition. There’s personal skills, but running the equipment hard and fast against the clock from weird positions. Failures that you never thought existed suddenly come out of the wood work. Of course comp veterans like @sungazer adopted a winning chilled AF attitude from the beginning…

Let’s play a game, spot the most chilled guy here:

He undersold himself here a little bit, because he tied for second in combined division, which is a very good effort. I came third overall today. And @Supaduke didn’t come first, so you know…

IN YOUR FACE, yes, I know you are reading this, yes, that’s right, an elephant never forgets the emotional scars of shotgun IPSC!

Although, to be fair, after he went full retard and messed up the easiest stage, he remembered he had a beast-mode switch and nailed all the actual hard stages that majority struggled with, but not quite enough to catch up - 4th overall (by 1 hit give or take timer bonuses, muahahahaha).

Hrmmmm what else.

This time, I decided to run 515 - few little issues that I wouldn’t have picked up without competing with it. One of the targets was in the shade and my reticle is a dot, not crosshair, so seeing it was an issue - wasted some time there. Supaduke: turn the illumination on idiot. Oh yer! Turned on. Helped.

It’s VERY easy to run fast, with that in mind I got angry at a gong and mag dumped into it. Pretty easy to do with 515. Of course some fuck set a stage ammo limit and I forgot about it. Helps to remember your own rules. So yeah, missed out on quite a few points there, but it is what it is :slight_smile: Still placed better than @Supaduke (did I mention that?).

We mixed it up a little bit today, went from 3 stage to 4, circa 50 to 73 rounds for the comp, with the first stage going from 15 to 20 targets. Couple of people had to improvise with only 15 rounds worth of magazines. My fault, I made a last minute change, but it worked out.

One of the targets I missed out on (due to ammo limit) was a challenge target - card splitting at about 15m. I don’t think anyone got a clear cut, but pretty much everyone who attempted got it started reasonably well on the first shot, as the last target after running. YouTube makes it look a lot harder than what it is.

Yeah, that’s about it. Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.

I will leave you with this:
Sound on loud


Next comp: 18 Sep 2022

I heard from a reliable source there will be a lot of movement and low position shooting. I’d start doing some lunges and squats.


Surely there needs to be a couple of commando rolls thrown in for good measure :rofl:

Dont make it too physically demanding, The best thing about shooting is that it is very anti discriminatory there are 90+ year olds shooting full boar down to juniors and both male and female and all those in between can compete on a level playing field.

Glad I got in my visitor passes before being ousted for being a cripple. :grinning:

If I can get a pass on the two visits I will still give it a go but may need an ambulance to take me home after a big dose of morphine.

Oh stop your whining. Probably get a ladder and shoot through it.

Those are a condition of entry.


Are people running scopes or aimpoints like whats on your 515? So 3 5 shot mags needed? I wouldnt mind giving my ol woody Anschutz a run at some point. I have a couple of cheap scopes to try…but just wondering whats best for quick target acquisition

Lets just say that an old woody bolt action Anschutz has held its head high amongst the competition of straight pulls and lever release actions.


Thats what i mean…am i wasting my time? or is there a bolt gun class, and lever release class?

There are separate classes and no not wasting your time. there are more bolt guns than others being used.

Just some justification here is the video best gun for NRL22 The Best Rimfire Rifle for NRL22 Base Class (2022-2023) Season - YouTube

I do think the cz515 has some advantage but not what you might think. Its not the rate of fire however when used on an unstable rest the force needed to re cock the rifle is much less than the movement and force used on a bolt action which upsets a

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Thanks mate! 3 five shot mags, be minimum requirement also? Any sight?

10 shot mags would be better. changing mags is a big interference and time consuming. I would suggest a scope set on 6-9 is sufficient.

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Awesome! Thanks, i will hunt some mags down. 3 ten shots mags be better then.

The comp sounds like something the shooting sports has been lacking for a long time! @juststarting has done a fantastic job to get it all off the ground!

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Yeah, pretty much what @sungazer said. As long as you have a 22 that shoots, optic definitely helps (up to 50m) and 15 rounds worth of magz you are good. 20 rounds worth of magazines would be better. As far as rifles go, whatever… Just not a lever, they hold everything up.

I use 3-9; and 1.5 - 6 scopes. But excluding one or two targets, I recon a well sighted red dot would do just fine.

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@sungazer, been digging through the equipment shed today. I recon we are going to add paper scoring targets that swing :slight_smile: and some speed and precision stages - run, dump ammo on target. Then run to next target and that’s a scoring target. Get that cardio going :slight_smile:

I was also thinking a paper target may be good on one of the stages a way to differentiate between 5people all hitting 10 gongs. You wont see me run the spine might collapse. If you want to get my heart rate up well you know what you goto do.


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Ok so 2 ten shot mags would work?


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