CZ 515 lever release 22LR (reviews)

Looks good, possible ETA late July 2020

RRP $1450

RRP $1235

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Wonder if they will make it here. I’ll have a timber one.Looks a lot more ergonomic than the Savage release.

Mmmmm did anyone pre-order?
F-U @Justice

Emmachizit? The wood one looks great.

oh no… something else i never knew i wanted until now! :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

I don’t know… I am not really a fan of the lite wood, like this. Tactical model on the other hand, little red dot or low powered scope… Mmmmm. Yeah.

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Also, wouldn’t it be great if it took the Ruger BX mags. A flush ten rounder for the wood stock would be so much more appealing.


Release can be swapped side to side, uses CZ magazines…My main bugbear with the A22 is that shitty magazine.

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I got the hang of the mag, actually @Wombat. My bugbear is the lever in front of the trigger guard. I would have preferred it on the side.

Yes, loading the mag isnt really a problem once you get used to it, but the trouble with using some waxy ammo cannot be worked around. I’ve never gummed up a Brno or CZ magazine.

Funny after having had lever releases on my mind all week. The tac version I don’t mind too much, will probably grab one in 22WMR. Product looks great, it’s just a shame that these aren’t in a centrefire pistol calibre. Something like this in 9mm would be amazing!

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It feels like we are doing baby steps :slight_smile: The right way.


I considered 22 WMR, 22LR feels like a more fun choice.

Yes .22 is going to be expensive enough when we are allowed to buy it again. Plinking with the A22R uses a lot of ammo fast. If it was for hunting only WMR might make sense.

Yeah, it’s crazy, you don’t notice it and then you are like, um, well, shit, that was fast and expensive.

I like the look of the tac one as well.
The sporter seems nice enough but meh.
I’m seeing a few listings around the $1300 mark. Not cheap.
I agree it is a great step in the right direction. Having a wood, sporter version is smart. Looks harmless and makes any argument against the tac version being more dangerous look stupid.




Wouldn’t say no but wouldn’t race out and order one either. Interested to hear how they go though once they’re available.

Well there will be plenty of secondhand A22R’s for sale cheap if they are any good. I’d need to handle the two stock options before committing, the timber one looks like it puts the release further away but on a better level. Would be great if it has a decent trigger too.