COVID-19 conspiracy theories

Okay, okay, I know, bunch of you, especially those who know me are like, WTF! Is this @juststarting signalling? Did he (yes, identify as a he) get kidnapped. Do we finally get to use that tactical gear and rescue him?! Maybe zombies did it! Maybe COVID-19 infected zombies! OMFG, finally! But! No. I am as objective and sceptical as ever. Alive, well, in the comfort of my own fallout shelter (I wish!).

However, I know bunch of you are just itching to share some theories! So here you go, a nice play area for you. Keep it civil or I’ll get in the sandpit and kick sand all over you.

A conspiracy theory that I thought up in my sleep last night was that this Virus is a world engineered virus and should actually be called the Social Security Virus. Its a way of reducing the burden of governments to look after the elderly a demographic that is increasing all over the world due to better living and Health technology advances.
This virus will reduce the number of elderly and those that have chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer that place a strain on the economy of governments.

You wouldn’t be the first or last to be thinking that @sungazer!

Weeks or months ago, i was chatting with my cook at work (she is/was from Taiwan). We were chatting about the Chinese ‘one child policy’. She brought it up and i said i thought it no longer existed, which she insisted it does… anyway… i start rabbiting on how it is a policy designed to create a society completely dependant on ‘the state’. No aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings; just mum, dad, kid, grand parents… with the only loyalty outside of that very small group falling to ‘the state’.

She’s like, “yeah, that’s not going to work, what do they do when they have all these old people and no family to share the burden of caring for them?”

I look at her and say, “simple, just release a virus that knocks them all off…”

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I was/am joking but as others have mentioned, this is all like the plot of your average zombie apocalypse movie; the part of the story arc they rush through in the opening sequences before cutting to the carnage! :thinking: :shushing_face: :grimacing: :rofl: :mask:

Best one I’ve heard so far is that coronavius is fake, it’s actually the effects of 5G making people sick, which is being done so they can force us to have the vaccine, “THEY” will then be able to control our minds and if we don’t comply with the new world order they’ll be able to switch us off remotely.
5G will spread an electromagnetic field across the whole globe (or flat if I’m to take my mates word for it) which “THEY” can use to track and control us via the chip hidden in the vaccine.

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If the virus is meant to be some form of population control or reduction, it’s an epic fail. Whilst I feel sorry for those who have /will lose lived ones, the reality is we reached a sustainable poulation early last century when the population was around 1.8 billion. We would need a new a virus to kill 6 billion people to get back there… just a few times more than all those lost in all wars over the last 200 odd years and the Spanish flu and various other pandemics all put together…

One child policies in countries with the political capacity to implement them are not effective population control. However, stopping unwanted pregnacies is very effective.

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This is a conspiracy theory thread, not a common sense and quantifiable evidence based thread. Please follow the rules. I don’t want to see any rational thinking here!


Common sense doesn’t exist anymore, it’s been replaced with typical stupidity and the inability to think. Hence my argument is a conspiracy theory…

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My favorite one doing the rounds is…
The virus was engineered by western governments to spread fear in the population about cross contact contamination, thus bringing and end to the use of cash in the western world so THEY can then track and oversee every transaction and in turn completely control the population. :crazy_face:

All because of mankind’s unwillingness to embrace Time Cube Theory!

Bill gates & depopulation :shushing_face:

There is a proven and distinct correlation between the level of female education and birth rate. The higher one is, the lower the other…

It was started by the western Australian government so they can take our guns


This is definitely the most likely and easily provable theory! :rofl: :mask:

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Damn, you stole mine lol. Also your freedom.

I just want to know if it is engineered how can we get hold of it to reprogram it to only affect politicians?

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Covid 19 was engineered and spread by the Chinese and Russia to cause the economic Break down and eventual civil war of all the western countries as a measure to eventually invade and take our lands whilst we are wrapped up in the infighting :rofl: :rofl: but for real I’m sure they would have thought about it!!!

cool story buts needs more dragons scenario :wink:

It was engineered by Bernie Sanders to make trump look bad leading up to the US election, seems it backfires as Bernie has now died from it and withdrawn from the Democratic party race.



I haven’t read the whole thread but there’s a Chinese bio weapons factory in wuhan, my theory is the virus may have accidentally come out of the facility

No accident mate, was definitely released on purpose, I hear it was the greens who have done it to fuck up the 2020 duck season!

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