Bored shit-posting

But on the bright side at least we’re not destined for total imprisonment & control because we don’t follow that shit stain country called Muric… Ohh wait, ahh fuck!

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I have 2 md players. It was the cassette for the modern world. Rewritable and non skip with no chance of getting scratches.

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I saw that, mcgowan got some award too. Seems the people who behaved mostly like dictators got awards. Must be so other premiers can look on for the next pandemic and aspire to the same greatness.

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Screw the gun laws… I want a game of pool. :see_no_evil:


Im back. Forced of the www I didnt relise how much time I spent connected to the internet until it was gone.


Telstra updates?

No it was a laptop NDE a bit of a drama to get it fixed.

Welcome home buddy!

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