Bored shit-posting

Raw truth. ROFL

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Nice. I found it amusing he went over a lot of the issues we face here in Aus. But still had the go fast red car. :grinning:

…are we talking about the same video?

Buy more than one gun your a ticking time bomb.
Buy more than two and they are reporting you to homeland security.
Being told your are stockpiling weapons of mass destruction is scaring everyone.
Cute girl wont return my phone calls. :grin:

Uh, right. True also.

I said he needs a Mosin, but he just ignored me. LOL

Pretty sure i addresed your statement if not sorry mate :joy: no mosins will be had though, only british ww2 rifles for me


You should have said that you wanted a WW2 British rifle.
Here is one that covers all of the list and will definitely help in survival cases.



@AusTac do you own a No5Mk1?

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I do not, its low down on the list, i’ve shot yours though, old school tactical, i like em, nice ones are exppppppensive though now

Yeah, mine is the meat in my M38 and 91/30 sandwich. They do nasty things to her in the safe. Naaaaasty things.

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I don’t know about milsurp and nice. I have nice guns and I paid for them. But milsurp, I don’t know. They need history and character. Nice, as in nice nice are new and unfired, they are less milsurp and more ‘just an old rifle’ with heaps better and cheaper alternatives.

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Here you go one each…

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Well played sir. LOL

He’s right you know. @Bogong I have two of them. :rofl: Just thought I’d toss some petrol on the fire for fun.
PS. Would never buy a military rifle. Too fking heavy.

Maybe a good ol 30-30 lever. A tad light on for grunt on sambar but OK close in and heaps for dogs. Not sure about rabbits though! :confounded:

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Nah mate, no fuel on any fire. It just supports my hypothesis, fuzzy saggy sack.


The reason those 303s are still new is because they are no good. Too bloody heavy. :rofl:

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If you wanted a lever there is always the good old 45-70 or the 450 Marlin

By the way @juststarting. How come you not answering my email?