Been a long previous year

Its been a long previous year but all sorted now looking to a steady future this year .How’s things been on here gents ?


Been a flat out year for me so far mate.

G’day bentaz how’s things mate you been doing any shooting ?

He’s alive! What’s been happening @grandadbushy

A fair bit mate got a lot done and can slow down a little from now on all problems sorted .It’s been bloody hectic I can tell you. can now get back to shooting and lower the wild dog problem hopefully. By the way what is this ‘‘Discorobo’’ thingy on here seems to keep on popping up on my page , I think that’s what you call it. good to be back also mate

Discobot? The name of the forum software is Discourse. Bot is short for a robot. Discobot is a helpful forum robot that gives you tips :slight_smile:

AH , yep right O then, thanks for that.

It’s been extremely busy and doesn’t look like it’s slowing down, either.

Did a bit a couple of weeks ago but been pretty busy with other stuff lately.
I think it’s been 3 weeks since I pulled a trigger.


That’s sweet as Ben! Good job.

My year has been shit shit shitty mcshit so far

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Cheers Pete

So other than that all’s good then Bigpete

One thing about the year being the worst it means it can only get better from here on in . ( Hopefully)

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Geez nice looking rifle that bentaz what is it mate

I truly hope so mate. Not sure entirely how much more crap I can take. Probably heaps

good to hear you got a win on that territory stuff maybe a little common sense took over the territory police commissioner at some stage

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AHH mate we Aussies are a tough bunch when our arse is being nailed to a cactus we always get the urge to stand up and carry on ,not sure if it’s to relieve the pain or to make a difference but it works did for me . so hope things look up for the rest of the year for ya mate.

It’s a .64 smoothbore. Cope of an old Enfield musket.

Very nice I hope one day I can afford one like that ,I like the older type rifles of late I don’t know what it is maybe i’m getting old as well . yes mate very nice

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Pretty impressed, you taking a feed with an old girl like that.

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