Ammo/component shortage or price spike?

So we all know (now) what happens when panic sets in and fools start hoarding. Unfortunately, it’s a perpetual motion thing… Anyway… With smashed Australian dollar and Stateside Billy Bob is getting ready for the apocalypse (ammo in US is flying off the shelfs); is it a good idea to buy more than what you need right now? this includes reloading components. And for how long? For example, if ammo gets shipped in twice per year, would it be wise to get ammo or components for what you use for the next 6 months? 12 months? 18 months?

I have had a few people call me to say that they were in such and such LGS and Ammo was moving off the shelf at an alarming rate and some had sold out.

They were also calling to ask if I wanted to place any orders for Powder to secure shooting for the upcoming year.

Yes I think it would be good if you are not a reloader to buy ammo now. It is only going to go up the whole supply and demand equation will drive that.
As a reloader I think ADI powders may become a bit scarce once again. There seems to always be shortages this is only go to make things worse. The American demand will take out any slack as Australia only ever seems to get whats left over.


Yep i was at my LGS today and they were saying ammo sales here in Oz are going the same way as the good old U.S. The owner was in his office ordering more when i went in to give him a coffee (yes i go to my lgs bearing gifts lol)
He jokingly asked if i needed any and when i gave him a rough run down on my ammo levels he asked if they could buy some of mine lol.


My local shop informed me prices will be going up as usual when the Aussie dollar falls, and the USA is running out of ammo so there will be a shortage soon too.

Are there any local ammo manufacturers? Though I guess the supply chain for powder and stuff for them would also be borked.

The Buffalo River ammunition is still made locally partnered with ADI and distributed by OSA some have OSA headstamps others ADI with Sierra bullets.

Local ammo manufacturing? You mean like this:

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Golden flash cartridges in Maryborough Vic make some factory ammo but not on the scale of adi

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If anyone is having trouble getting powder, primers ect. let me know I can probably help out if you are in Victoria Typical prices are $343 for a 4kg tub $100 for a 1kg BM2 and 8208 and $50 for the 500 grm containers.

Powder Available is AR2206H, AR2207 500g only, AR2208, AR2209 4kg only, AR2213SC 500g, AR2217 500g, AR2219 500g, AR2225 500g, BM2 1kg, BM8208 1kg

Primers CCI , Federal,and Remington
CCI 200 LR / 1000 $70.00
CCI 250 LR Mag / 1000 $76.00
CCI 400 SR / 1000 $60.00
CCI 450 SR Magnum / 1000 $75.00
CCI BR2 LR / 1000 $120.00
CCI BR4 SR / 1000 $120.00
Federal 100 Small Pistol / 1000 $70.00
Federal 205 SR / 1000 $70.00
Federal 210 LR / 1000 $70.00
Federal GM205 SR / 1000 $80.00
Federal GM210 LR / 1000 $78.00
Remington 7.5 SR / 1000 $63.00
Remington 9.5 LR / 1000 $63.00
Federal GM215M LR MAGNUM $83.00

@juststarting your going to have to give me some hints in inserting a table

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I might hit you up tomorrow, going to swing by Centreway and if that fails, I’ll be after some SR primers and probably some 2208. Need to check tonight.

Those prices you have listed mate are very good. It would seem we are getting stiffed a bit up here. 4kg powders are around the $395, 1kg $129, 500gm $59, primers $85/1000.
I tend to buy a little bit extra throughout the year which fortunately has worked out well for me in this case.
I am thinking it will be quite some time before we see ADI powder back on the shelves at your LGS.

Spoke with a mate yesterday who owns a gunshop/gunsmithing business. Tried to order new stock and was told he’ll have to wait and to also expect a large price increase. I suppose Mr Nioa will be wanting to recoup some losses?

I understand this bit… But ADI powders! If those go up, that’s pretty poor form.

They’ve gotta pay for that new manufacturing plant in Maryborough somehow, the 35 million the gov are kicking in for them might not cover costs.

It should have been planned and managed! They are not beginners at this game. Grrrr

Couldn’t agree more, and my comment above was meant to be taking a shot at them, definitely not defending them.

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Spotted on Ozzie Reviews’ FB page, interesting link to an article: LIKE LOCUSTS: Gun Owners Stripping Shelves of Guns and Ammo Nationwide

Mmmmm, make of it what you will.

I was told a story (not sure how accurate the figures are, or if it’s even true) That the air freight cost on an order by Nioa used to be 5-7k was now 55k+
Now if this is even remotely accurate it would all but guarantee that most of what we’re getting at the moment is now coming by boat instead of air. Which means quick reactions to shortages in supply aren’t going to happen. If this is the case be ready for those shelves to stay empty for a while.

Like i said just something i was told via the grapevine and i cant verify it in any way.

I’d have to check but work got an order in last week from HK airfreight and it wasn’t talked about , which it certainly would have been if there was a tenfold increase in costs.

I thought that all ammo comes by sea, so air freight is a non-issue really, since it doesn’t happen (presumably).