Changing buying habits after COVID-19

Something I have been thinking about, how COVID-19 is changing Australian society. When the smoke clears and we are allowed outside to play… I think there are going to be massive changes in how Australians work, shop, live (in a prepare sort of way).

Specifically, interested in firearm related shopping. How is this going to change for this generation. Is 2kg of powder you buy once every 2 years going to become 4? What about the 5k of primers you buy once a year, will that become 10. And rotated, when last ‘spare’ batch is cracked open? Will it make people buy stuff on special, when otherwise they wouldn’t have, ‘just in-case’?

Just interesting…

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Discuss :slight_smile:

i think it will for a while but i think we will eventualyl fall back to the buying things as we need them and who cares if they are made in oz if its cheaper overseas particularly when there will be a drive from the govt on that globalism n all.

I have no issues with ‘globalism’. And I agree, eventually everyone will fall back into their old habits, me included. But this is not what I was asking.

I think a lot of people care about their hobbies a lot more than anything else. I was talking specifically about fun related things… Guns, ammo, components, accessories, apparel, etc.

my thoughts on this are the way corporate australia works will change massively. My company as an example hated people working from home… It wasnt forbidden but certainly not encouraged. Now the whole company is working from home.

We spend about 100k per month on real estate in the sydney cbd for two office building and were looking to consolidate into 1 building this year.

I can almost guarantee my company and others will start to encourage the workforce to WFH more and not need big offices in CBD locations…

Same with online shopping, it will boom amazon will probably start to make money in Australia when we come out the other side.

Shooters i found are generally dumb asses, (not necessarily nyone on here) but i bet you find the guy who double order after this were already doing it and the ones that weren’t still wont…

Because we are a welfare state…Generations have been brought up on the govt will look after you…

It’s painful, I want to disagree, but I can’t lol

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I already have enough for a rainy day or year because things are already a bit more scarce in the NT so I wont change in that dept.

I would hope the govt and the people see the importance of not relying on foreign nations to produce essentials and perhaps see some pride in being more nativist and nationalist in their purchasing and support for each other. I have nothing in common with many other immigrants except for the land we share and which provides for us both. That helps me bond with those people. I am not a fan of globalism, particularly when it means supporting others when our own citizens go without. We mine harvest grow and build everything a first world nation of the highest living standard requires. Come on, lets do it for the Australians who did it for us.

Take note of how often the phrase “new normal” is repeated by our media and politicians.
Social conditioning at work. I can see this country full of face mask wearing sheeples just like a lot of countries already are. One plus I’ve noticed is that people are learning how to wait in line for their turn again.

I got caught out by this, down to buggery on powder, primers etc. Due to health and other issues, I haven’t really been getting to the shoots that I normally do, so my stocks sort of trickled down slowly without me really noticing. My usual trip to the U.S is looking very unlikely this year so the gear I stock up on while I’m there won’t be getting replaced. Wasn’t until I decided to go and do a major reloading session to pass the time that I realised how low on supplies I was.
When I do get out and start buying up I will look like a hoarder stocking up for the coming Zombie Apocalypse. :laughing:


You will look like a man passionate about his sport! Also, like someone who you don’t want to fuck with lol

What annoys me, is sitting in my gun room, surrounded by 1000’s of prepared cases and nothing to put in them!!!


These are two separate comments. Globalism is trade. Being against it, is being a ‘protectionist’ which simply doesn’t work in todays world. I agree with you on 99% of things you said, but in terms of globalism - I think a lot of people misinterpret it, based on actions of politicians who only serve themselves.

That sucks.

On the bright side, I do have about 300kg of lead that I can turn into sexy looking bullets. :grin:

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I may change things in a small way as I normally have “enough” to keep me amused but I was caught out short on rifle powder and primers as I had been predominately been playing with pistols for the last 12 or so months and didn’t realise how low I got.

Other than that it will be stocking up as per normal once this has past, unless there is a special or deal going on that’s to good to pass up on.

I will probably have a larger reserve of 22, and will get properly set up for reloading.

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I was just about to type a response that over in the west people will start stockpiling in case the gov shutdown again but then realised people are stupid if and when this goes back to normal it will be the status quo.


I think I’ll probably keep a bit more in the pantry and I plan on getting a chest freezer whenever we get this theoretical shed we’re planning.

In terms of work, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do more stuff online after this just because we will know we can and be more comfortable doing so.

I’m interested to see what happens to the number of licenced shooters after this is over. I think it’ll rise and I’m not sure how that will go but we’ll see.

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The last couple of years my Sister has asked me to keep my eyes open for Fowlers jars for preserving. I must have picked up hundreds of them for her, all of which were full until recently.
I think I might start canning some stuff myself.

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It will make little difference to my habits mate. I tend to by an extra tin of powder here and there and buy projectiles in bulk when they come on sale. I generally have enough on hand to get me through any sort of shortfall in powder supply which seems to happen more often than not up here in NQ.

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Oh, you’re using the textbook meaning of the word in the year 2020; trigger warnings next time please!
But seriously, globailsation as you and I experience it has its foundation in The Lima Declaration of 1975 which enabled not so much international trade and prosperity, but the growth of multinational corporations and the reduction in Australias thriving growth and output. I don’t like this kind of globalisation.

Again, two statements, but not necessarily related.