3D printing for reloading

Just f*cking write on them like grown ups!

Or… I could do it 10 times faster.

Thats funny

Ok go easy on me, but is there a Slicer program thats good for designing your own parts, or do i need Fusion 360? I downloaded Fusion on a laptop, wishful thinking, i know…Im using Prusa, on an Ender 5, and i like the program, but it seems its a constant cut and shut of stl. templates, to get what i want…

Short andwer is no. A slicer software is used to configure the printer (generate gcode). CAD, for example F360, software is used to actually model things.

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Thats what i thought…looks like i will have to beef up the laptops for Fusion

3D printers, really are only a toy, without F360, or the like…Who wants to print a tugboat…

That’s how I feel.

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You guys should do a tour of the Zone RV factory up here. Biggest 3d printer in the southern hemisphere, or something like that.

I saw a concrete one printing walls of a building…no toy

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I got a bottle shop that prints legit real 3d money.