3D printing for reloading

I thought I would start a running thread on 3D printers here. Especially that I had a few question and I am new to this myself.

I thought this is a good area for it, because it seems like there are a lot of accessories that people design and make for reloading. From press modifications, to reloading blocks and other gadgets…

I’ve ordered one last week, but have spent a considerable amount of time researching models. For those who are interested, I ordered Creality Ender-5. However, I also ordered a few other bits and pieces that I will use to change the firmware immediately.

For starters, I thought I’d share this video, that discusses types of 3D:

I’ll keep going in here, as I do stuff to it/with it. Should be here in less than a month, I hope.


Very interesting viewing, I didn’t know that there were so many different types of 3d printers out there.

I found the first one more informative and the second one interesting but he went on a bit.

I will be interested in how you go with yours.

Powder funnels and powder funnels with built in drop tube.

The 3d printer definitely comes in handy around the reloading bench. I’ve made up a few bits and pieces for my different presses. If my printer was a little bigger I’d also attempt the DIY bullet feeder for the Dillon.

Software wise, Simplify3D is the best slicer (app that converts a 3d drawing into the code you send to the printer)

Autodesk Fusion 3D is a fantastic app for designing components. Thankfully they have a free hobbyist version. You just have to renew it every year. It’s quite easy to use.

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So this landed a week ago, of course nothing is going to happen until new bench is in.

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@Brett to answer your question, got it here:

If everything goes well, maybe I will even snag Ender-3 (older model) cheap cheap to have different setups, like tool heads :slight_smile: First I need to learn a bunch of stuff, but thankfully few guys at work are right into it, so shouldn’t be too hard to get a rolling start.

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Assembly day!

This Lego looks tricky.

I can see a guarantee but no instruction booklet. Not as many pieces as I thought that there would be as a lot looks pre assembled.

Good luck putting it together.

There are pretty good instructions, but I usually go off YouTube anyway.

Yes, this model is a lot more ‘pre-assembled’ than its predecessor, I’m thankful for that.

Just cooked for the fam, now it’s geek time.

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Progress. Wiring done. Seems to turn on. That’s a big plus. Can’t say it was hard tbh, compared to wiring an old school desktop from scratch. Still needs a clean up with some ties, but for now keeping it lose because I’ll be modifying it after the functional test print.

…and test print (whatever was on factory SD card is running):

Is that a spare bed in the background?

It’s a bed, but not spare. It’s a different bed. Pplysomethingorother. Releases prints when cools. Yet to test. Current bed has a flexible magnet surface, so you just flex it and pop the print off. One in the background should just release the print with cooling.

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Not bad for starters.

Hmmmm a pistol/22 rifle target, how considerate of them.

A machine to produce an infinite number of butt plugs in all manner of shapes, sizes and stimulation levels. Just what you were wanting J.S :slight_smile:


You’re funny now, but you won’t be laughing when I exclude you from my infinite number of butt plugs in all manner of shapes, sizes and stimulation levels gift list. You’ll be the od one out. Sad and alone. That’s right!


I’ve already placed an order for a custom job.

Shaped for your pleasure?

That’s a pretty decent finish. Was that PLA?