3D printing for reloading

Little bit of cross-posting for completeness (improved Dillon 650XL ejector).

I am still fascinated by the whole, oh, I need a part, I can just make it now.

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And here I was thinking that you would design and print a fancy Y piece and have both tubes going into it and only putting one hole in the container.

I did not think of that lol


Too much bother tbh


Anything good here?

The snap together loading blocks look good although most people here would load 9mm on a progressive press, but in rifle cals they’d be great.

For completeness…

Automated Dillon primer tube filler DIY.

Can you 3d print a useable thread? As in could you print a plastic nut and bolt?

I am not that awesome to actually design a thread to fit a nut, or both. That was long answer. Short answer, yes.

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Autodesk fusion 360 had built in support for most of the common threads and is really easy to add internal or external threading to an object. It’s free for creators/enthusiasts.

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Yep, that’s what I use.

I always wanted someone to make me a few tiny violins…so I could give then to all the people having a whine about things going bad in their lives :smile::smile:

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That’s a cool idea!

Playing around with this last week and today…

A bullet collator.

I built a prototype and which works well, but I wasn’t 100% with the motor I have, so had to reprint the bucket with new supports for a different motor. I have high torque, but I couldn’t slow down the one I had in first built (even with speed controller and lower voltage). Anyhow, have another one I will try and probably order one more to test. Other than that I am pretty happy with it. Bucket is at 75% infill with PLA+. Everything else is at 100%

bullet collator assembly and die adapter that I still need to wire a microswitch. Will post video when I get around to completing it. Hopefully in a week or two or whenever I am out of ammo and need to make more :slight_smile:


As a side note, anyone running Dillon 650 with bearing washer upgrade, this case ejector is freaking awesome.

Works absolutely amazing. A million times better than the spring ejector.

Bit more progress on the collator today. The motor arrived, so I mounted what I could.

Now need to start thinking about mounting it. Typically you’d have it hanging of the side of a case feeder. Since I don’t have one, I need to think about an alternative.

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That cool, how does it always flip the pill the right way up?
Looks like crazy Whiteman magic to me!

There’s a ridge that makes upside down bullets fall out. You can’t really see it, it’s under the turning wheel on a blue plate. And you move the blue plate in or out to find sweet spot for a particular shape.

Like I said crazy Whiteman magic