3D printing for reloading


Cool idea.

I just found another funnel design and I have a tone of PLA so, hey, why not :slight_smile:

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Just a bit of rapid prototyping…


Okies, so this was a quick cough overnight print, but now I am taking my 577-450 reloading block…


…into the 21st century :slight_smile:


More fun. After running Dillon a few times I’ve learnt that yanking the toolhead out and then tipping it upside down to empty the powder hopper is not for me… Surely there is something.

@Oldbloke this is my type of DIY :slight_smile:

Saw this thing for sale, but meh. Learned how to use a 3D modelling tool. Made a few prototypes and bam! Dillon powder dumper:

Still a few things to do here, but I think it’s elegant enough, instead of tipping the whole thing upside down.

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Looking good, at this pace you will need to get more storage space for all the goodies.

You will be right for birthday presents for the kids for the next few years. :grin:

Heh nah, my kids are a bit more complex than that LOL

Funny enough I don’t actually print shit I don’t need.

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Next, born out of necessity :slight_smile: My 24ga to 577 Snider brass cutting jig.

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…and my fucktopuss. Because I can.


Finally got around to hooking up all spent primer chute stuff I made…

Rock Chucker chute

Dillon chute

Nothing special here, just sip ties to prevent hose popping out of the box

all squared away nicely

all squared away nicely

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Little bit of cross-posting for completeness (improved Dillon 650XL ejector).

I am still fascinated by the whole, oh, I need a part, I can just make it now.

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And here I was thinking that you would design and print a fancy Y piece and have both tubes going into it and only putting one hole in the container.

I did not think of that lol


Too much bother tbh


Anything good here?

The snap together loading blocks look good although most people here would load 9mm on a progressive press, but in rifle cals they’d be great.

For completeness…

Automated Dillon primer tube filler DIY.

Can you 3d print a useable thread? As in could you print a plastic nut and bolt?