310 cadet first timer

Hi am new to here wondering what powder anyone is using in there 310 cadet

Oooo, you’re about to make some dudes get quite frothy with that question. Welcome aboard.


Yeah, look, you may not like the response here, but this may also create an opportunity :slight_smile:

I use 2205, some people also use AP70N. As you probably know, there’s a little bit of a shortage of pistol powders right now, so that’s a piece of useless information for you.

However, I think that with some development 2207 would work well. In fact, now that I say that out loud, I will try it myself, I suspect it may even work better than 2205.

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Actually, now that I think about it, it would work in 357 rifle too. Neither here nor there, just a mental note.

Ive not shot my cadets, for a long while…but i have used Bluedot, AR2205, trailboss, and AP70N. I personally like 10 plus grains of AR2205 behind a 125gn heeled cast bullet. Its essentially a pistol cartridge, i think just about any pistol/shotgun powders will work, starting loads, are the question. I have a full can of Nobel #81 shotgun powder i intend to try. Just haven’t opened the can yet.

@Alanwayne what powder do you have access to?

Mate in the absence of pistol powder I am loading AR2205. Still developing the load trying to reduce the amount of unburned powder.
I think you will be hard pressed trying to find any powder fast enough to use for reloading it though unfortunately.

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Are you north of 10gns of 2205 in your 310?

Most powders

I have ar 2205 what gn do u suggest 125 gn progectile

With 2205 you’ll find a sweet spot between 9gr and 10.5gr - I would consider 10.5 as max though.

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Fun fact, I measured FMJ ammo for cadet (Collectable ammo - #83 by juststarting), with average at 1063.23fps.

avg: 1063.23fps.
min: 987fps
max: 1239fps

Yes mate creeping up past it slowly which seems to be fixing the unburned powder problem however I’m having a little trouble with accuracy. It is a brand spanking new barrel too so I’ll give it a little more time.

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Are you weighing your cast bullets?? Only way to go, if your serious about accuracy. But you will hear the pop/bang/pop…if you dont weigh them.

Mate my two cavity mold seems to be throwing two different weight projectiles. I have been sorting them accordingly. Going to get into it this week and hopefully get a few more loaded.

Im yet to find a mold that drops identical bullets…i have an RCBS 180FP thats close …

I run a Lyman temp gauge too now, only cast within a certain temp range…

I don’t like casting and Black Widow (HRBC are the same molds) didn’t work well for me. Not that the bullets didn’t work well, it’s the combination of projectiles and Bertram brass. But, this is what we have, so I work with that.

I’ve recently ordered some 310 bullets from these guys (they do sample packs, before you commit to actual box (750).):

120gr, about .308 at the heel. Used 9gr of 2205. Works well with Bertram brass. I tested a few shots before handing the gun and my ammo stash over to someone else to shoot… I just wanted to confirm zero and test new load. All seemed to work very well. Chambers, shoots, 50mm gong at 50m - boring predictability, with support at 50m I put 3 in the same hole more or less (witness: @sungazer lol).

Also, after shooting/fireformed, you don’t really need to size them either, just seat by hand to the heel and lite crimp…

Obviously, this is what works for me… YMMV.

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Nice looking Cast range…i just bought 1200 copper jackets, to revisit swaging .312 174 gn to feed my 303s …

Quick update on 310 Cadet bullets from Boyne Bullet Co. Excellent. This is my go to from now on.

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