Wtb: scope for 308

I bought a cap for $900 which was a bargain because it came with a Turkish walnut stocked 308

Now this will probably see the least use of everything I own (but I still have a genuine need for it WAPOL lurkers) so I want a bargain scope for it, but obviously not something that’s utter trash.

What do you reckon?

What’s a $ bargain for a scope your willing to spend?

I’d say $300-500 based on the other fleet

Check out Vixen, I’m very impressed with them. And very lite weight.

Vortex copperhead 4-12x44 so @Joshua.s tells me…$200!!

The Vengeance series of scopes from Zerotech have proven very good for me, I have 3, good bang for your bucks. $300-$500 depending on mag.

If you want a more dedicated long range scope I highly recommend the Vortex Venom 5-25-56.
Running around $650-$700. Very good with great reticle and adjustments.

So maybe the first question is, is this a 100% bench gun or a carry gun? Because some of these come with a pretty hefty weight.

My 2 cents below

With the price of ammo i wouldn’t be doing much long range with a $500 scope. Might end up costing more wasting ammo due to the scope. Seen it far too many times.

With your price range i would suggest a hunting style scope with a vari mag around 12. Perfect for plugging cats and foxes. Isn’t a need to be adjusting it much after it is zeroed so the internals aren’t super critical. Most glass these days is sufficient even on the cheaper scopes.

Steer clear of features like exposed turrets and ffp, this is stuff you don’t need and is just there as a sales tool on cheaper scopes. I have yet to see a mechanically precise scope under 1k even though they have the features. Pulled an AR223 scope apart, the internals are garbage and they even still use a classic wire type reticle but with the stadia lines.

If after a while you want to stretch the legs on the 308 then budget for a bare minimum 1k scope and don’t forget decent rings on top of that.

Yeah beautiful. It’s a carry gun for plugging things. I’ll rarely go out to jarrahdale range to zero it and for a bit of practice but mostly that’s a social thing.

I’m not into bench and feel if I want to go long range in the future I’ll get something else and dedicate to it with spendy glass.

I have Leopolds on my 22 and 223 that each cost me close to what this rifle cost me. I just wanted a cheap and cheerful vibe but not utter trash as they say there have been some good reports with the ATA.

I was kinda hoping someone might have something or see something and let me know as I still have a couple of thousand to spend on my Sulan tac 12 and the cz 515 + lpvo for it and that’s arguably going to see a lot more use

Plus some more reloading gear

Oh and food prices are pretty wild - maybe I’ll be shooting for meat!

Here’s my Lithgow… signature series. Cost me roughly four times as much, and I just went with what the shop told me. Still learning to use it.

Let’s call the ATA a recession build and aim for $200

And as you say, I can always swap things around later.


I dunno what you can get new for $200 that would be good.

Would second hand be something you consider?
I picked up a pretty nice Nikon the other day for $300. Definitely some deals to be had.

Yep if you spot something let me know!

Otherwise it’ll be a vixen or vortex

You should get a vortex

Or just do the complete opposite and get some mega dollar Zeiss and shoot the cheapest ammo I can find.

That’s how forums work isn’t it?

Get a Night Force and $499 Atlas bipod :slight_smile:

Come on guys, those are rookie numbers, get a 6k tangent theta and a 1k carbon fibre RRS tripod.


I put a vortex copperhead 4-12 on my 6.5x55 and also on a budget 308 set up . And for the $200 -$210 price tag including delivery to your door from that big shop in margate qld . It well exceeds my expectations of anything in this price range .


I run a Redfield revolution 3-9 on my 308, if it’s a hunting rifle your walking with with don’t over scope it.

Also any of the entry level scopes from Vortex, Leupold, athlon or even Hawke will hold up and won’t break the bank

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Looks like this is the way to go.

Now how do I get out of spending nearly as much on rings?

The Margate website isn’t the easiest to search