Wtb: scope for 308

What shop is that?

Ive got millet steel rings on the 308 . And they cost me $50 . Have served me as well as any set of leupold ones ever have.


Thought we were being secret squirrel

Maybe admin doesn’t like them? :grin:

Thanks guys the learning curve is pretty high for the basics

Get the blokes talking about reloading at the pistol club and my tiny brain explodes :exploding_head:

Lol, I know what you were ‘being’. Nothing wrong with calling out shops for good or bad… As long as there are facts and no emotion. :slight_smile:

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I’m also choosing a scope for a LA102 for hunting and have pretty much narrowed it down to:

Vortex Viper HS 2.5-10x44 BDC ~$930 (468g)

VORTEX VIPER HS 4-16X44 BDC SFP $849 (522g)

LEUPOLD VX-3HD 3.5-10X40 CDS ZL DUPLEX $825 (371g)

Vixen Riflescope 3-12×40 BDC $449 (360.0g)

Quite tempted by the vixen for the price+weight

Welcome to the forum @Thermionix.

I was just going to say that for hunting you might want to consider weight, but you already have.

With that in mind, ignoring dollars, you won’t go wrong with Vixen or Leupold. Personally, I would go with Vixen, I own a few (actually I own a few of each, so I do have a baseline) and they work well for me. Solid brand and very lite. For stuff I plink with (i.e. won’t shoot of a bench, where weight matters) I actually prefer them, best combination of quality, weight and prise, imho.

As for the brand itself, I think it’s a yet undiscovered gem by Australians. they have been making optics for a very long time.

Ok I finally held and looked through a vixen in the shop, seem solid

4-16 44 $555 + $60 for rings at my local

Old mate above has listed the 4-12 40 BDC for $429

Worth the extra $100? And which of the reticles do I want?

Group I’m joining mostly use the 308s for pigs but do set up gongs at a distance for funsies - someone was saying I should be looking to get a 6-25 but that’s as much as the frigging rifle… Save it for the 300wm I say…

PS… the one in the shop was a basic cross. BDC? I assume mil dot would be better for chasing gongs?

$320 for 120 rounds, wouldn’t want to be chasing for too long …

Realistically, @Mullmans,

  1. What are you going to be shooting (pigs, gonng, paper)?
  2. Mostly what?
  3. How far will you be shooting it at?

Realistically, the most important thing will be the pigs. The guys just say on projects they do have a sighting in session and a bit of fun with a gong before going out to do the work. So that’s where the advice from one person to go big ,(up to 25) came from but it’s not the core mission.

Paper is to qualify, I’ll be doing that with the 223. And just to sight in the 308. Can’t imagine doing much plinking with the 308 when I have the ,0.22 cz 515… And pistols for paper.

Do you know how far out you’d be shooting?


As posted I checked the manual and everything.

I’ll ask

Thought you were asking for advice… Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

I’ll get back to you

Personally on a 308 unless I was really sure that I was going to only use it at close range and have targets (pigs). I would go the 6-25 I have one on my 22 which came off a 308 and it is fantastic on that rifle other than being heavy. Wish I could turn back time to when I was younger and fitter I wouldnt even notice then.