Wild dog down but missing

Well oldbloke i shot that dog 235m shot dropped him like a bag of crap had to drive 1/2 klm to get around to him on the other side of the creek finally got around there and there was only a big pile of crap and 1/2 ltr blood, he’s come round,( i don’t know how) and dragged himself down into the thick scrub Too dark by then to go lookin for him he’d be dead in only minutes anyway too much blood not to have been hit in the heart or an artery i’ll go out in a couple of days i’ll smell him by then if his mates don’t eat him (they’re tough mongrels)
Just thought i’d let you know after telling you on the ‘‘welcome site’’
I actually watched him for 4-5 min after i shot him and it looked like he was down for the count he didn’t move a muscle :+1:


They are tough alright, seen them drag themselves 100 yards before dropping dead. Then when you get there and have a look there is nothing left in the chest cavity. Heart, lungs etc all shreaded.

Good work mate!

Just not shootin’ them with a big enough gat :joy:

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Time to go bigger lol, bigger is always better.

Yeah probably i did ponder taking the 7mag but its loud and too close to a couple of houses and 1 is an animal lover didn’t want to rattle the cage too much the farmer has already had trouble with her with him shooting wild dogs he’s been told to ignor her by council but it’s best just to keep away from her

…whenever I hear someone referring to a gun as a ‘gat’, this is the image I get in my mind:

Hipster AF :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they range finders he’s wearing?

Seems that way.

It’s an AJ thing, you wouldn’t understand…

Lol animal lovers… they quickly turn once their item animals been eaten a few times by foxes or dogs… sneak in and open her chicken coop door a few nights in a row. Eventually she will come around

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Don’t know about that shes got 2 of those big white sheep herding dogs they’re savage to they’re big enough to rip you in half or grab ya and dig a hole and bury you alive :smile: but i suppose your idea does have merrit :+1:

Well done. Another one down for tge count. What did you shoot him with?

22-250 55gr yeah it was a fatal shot without any guessing he lost too much petrol also unloaded its gut as they do when dead but he moved there’ll be a stink soon it will validate his demise

Crikey. 22-250 would just about cut him in half.

Nah mate these V-max i’ve been using for quiet awhile probably shot over 500 dogs with only go in and seem to mush them up insite good clean stone kills although if you’re close ie 100yds and hit them shallow well then it’ll open them up and is quiet messy this one yesterday was hit deep with the blood loss and was running on empty just adrenilen ‘‘or however you spell it’’ alone :+1:

Bloody hell, they must be like rabbit’s up your way. And no bounty. Bugger me. I think its $100 a dog down here and i never see them.

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No, no bounty and heaps of trouble with them the biggest problem is closely around me its croping only some cattle and croppers don’t care about the wild dogs until they eat their pets then there is a panic it happens around harvest time in about 3mths time its good shooting then it opens the country up so then they’re onto me to clean them up as best as possible but like getting blood out of a stone to get paid for it although lately farmers have been giving me a few benefits as one would say . About 15 year ago the mayor tried to big note herself and reacon we didn’t need a bounty because they wern’t a problem and it would save thousands of tax payers dollars and everyone stopped shooting them so they bred up the council uses me at times when they become a problem in a certain area other than that i’m having fun at present there’s is too much grass another mth or so

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Hi back again well got another dog it also done a runner but too much open country it only got 30yds before dropping i hit directly in the heart and still run 30yds just shows how tough they are

I want to come up and shoot a dog. None down my way. About as scarce as rocking horse shet.
Might get there yet,