Why the lack of modern straight pull centrefires?

Doohicky between the trigger guard and mag would be a magazine release, methinks. And one behind the trigger guard maybe some sort of take down thingy.

Definitely not a pretty gun, but nevertheless, interesting.

Its a huge takedown thingy then. Could be a lever release like a Savage maybe?

Thingy behind the trigger could be a safety of some sort?

Or some artefact from a hook or a stand used to photograph the rifle :slight_smile:

Oh… Yeah. That too.

The plot thickens.

I am going to say it’s some sort of a takedown thingymabob. Or! Bolt release, I am beginning to think this is channeling some Savage A22R foo here.

Mmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

I wonder if Noia is going to import that, considering Cz will be out and perhaps this is why Savage is being sold off? Oooooo.

Well, when real semis were available there were a lot of options available.
I don’t see a reason why lots of lever leaver options shouldn’t be available .
3 on the market (lever release) vs 20 plus on the semi market ( pre 96) .

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Savage have a new straight pull coming out, hopefully imported here.

Reckon it should clear appearance laws easily. Not going to be cheap though - US RRP on the website is $1300 +

I knew I’ve seen this type of action before… Watch from about 11:50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhABWdIx8bk

I really like the look of that Hog Hunter variant. Shame it’s almost certainly going to be nudging $3k by the time it gets here though, unless the USD tanks.

I don’t know, @Martini, I recon sub-$2000. Above that for a Savage is bullshit. Above that, we are moving into premium hunting centrefire rifles. BUT… As always, encourage the market and we will see more :slight_smile: Definitely my thing, potentially will trade my Browning for it, but need to read reviews on accuracy first, because my X-Bolt is pretty sweet, but will 100% consider!

Something I noticed when I fondled similar offerings with free moving bolt (i.e. not contained inside receiver like Helix) is that it comes REALLLLLY close to your eye. And because it’s a straight pull, there’s a tendency to keep your face where it is, instead of lowering the rifle to turn the bolt handle. I found it a little terrifying, especially for bigunits with big heads, that’s a broken nose or eye poke right there. Something to keep in mind, especially since it only comes in one length of pull.

All that aside, I want!

IME if you take the USD MSRP and double it you’ll get the price to buy one in Australia. With an RRP of USD$1379, that’s AUD$2740, and it never hurts to factor in a bit more for the Australia Tax or local dealers just charging more because fuck you, that’s why.

As a service rifle shooter I keep the gun on my shoulder to work the bolt anyway, but for something like this I’d definitely want to handle one in person before putting any money down.

Apparently it’s a tidy rifle, the one they gave for media seems very accurate

I wasn’t able to measure groups at the 100-yard line, but the view through the spotting scope confirmed that my 8.8-pound Impulse rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, and using Hornady’s excellent 140-grain ELD-Match ammunition, had no problem creating clover-leafed five-shot groups. But 100-yard groups are boring and only tell part of the story, so our next stop was a range with steel plates out to 1,400 yards. “Hit…hit…hit!” my spotter shouted out as I went three-for-three on a 3-inch plate at 700 yards. Not bad for a custom rifle with handloads—freaking outstanding for a factory rifle at half the price and shooting factory loads, and also a testament to FTW instructor Doug Prichard’s teaching and wind-calling abilities.

I’m not into long range, but 3/3 on a 3-in target at 700 yards sounds very impressive.

@Martini - if it was 3k, wouldn’t that compete with the Wedgetails and the Warwicks? I think a lot of people would prefer to spend more and get one of those. They’ll probably account for that in pricing.

Just as baseline, the Bergara B-14 HMR is about 1k - 1.2k USD, and about 2k here. I reckon the Savage would be low to mid 2k here.

@Tempestman I hope they do, because at around the low-mid $2k range it’s a contender, but above that people are going to say “Might as well get Warwick and have a cooler looking gun in the process”.

On the other hand, there’s almost no chance of the Impulse getting banned on appearance grounds, which will be attractive to people in states where the Warwick guns are banned.

I think the Swiss proved there is no real advantage to straight pulls beyond cool factor. Nice gun, but for circa $2k nah. If I was in the market for a new rifle at that price range, there is a lot of offerings. Would it be a real contender against its direct competition? Is the quality there beyond the fancy action? Is the action going to inflate the price and make that feature it’s only selling point? I ponder…

I’d have to disagree with you there. Personally, in some situations, honestly, I would have benefitted from a quick followup. It’s a good action. Swiss didn’t prove anything, because K31 is heavy as fuck and nobody would sportarise them; and the action itself is a lot more clunky than these babies. Not to detract form K11 or 31 or whatever, but they are not in the same ballpark. Things like R8, Helix, Browning etc. are quite popular. Will be good to see quality and durability.

The Ross Rifle was extremely popular as a hunting rifle up until WWII as well, and the Austrians fielded a straight-pull rifle during WWI. The basic design is definitely viable today, IMO.

It’s certainly viable, And they seem to have addressed the mechanical extraction issues that put all but a couple of militaries off straight pulls. I’m all for new things, I just question the viability of a Savage at the proposed price point. They are not really faster than a bolt action in practical use.
It shows promise in the accuracy department.
It offers no other advantage beyond the removal of an up/down motion.
It’s traditionally stocked so nothing interesting there.
Magazine capacity is standard.
I’m not bagging the gun, nor doubting its quality or accuracy.
I’m just looking at price points and competitors. The Savage A22R has taught me that new things can be as cool as you like but won’t sell at the wrong price point.


I guess if all you’re looking for is a straight pull action to have fun with for $2k+, it would probably be cheaper and more fun to get a K31 and a stack of ammo.

Good point though that the rifle has to offer something more.

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