Why the lack of modern straight pull centrefires?

I was thinking about the Berika Black Ops shotgun the other day and how good it looks. I love it, but I don’t do shotguns so it isn’t an option for me.

If I wanted something similar in a centrefire, the only one I know of is Warwick Arms and then we’re talking $3500 and over a 12 month wait.

So why is there this gap in the market?

Is it because:
I’m weird and actually other shooters don’t want straight pull tacticoolness?
People do want this but only in Australia and so no one will manufacture it?
Straight pull centrefires are way more mechanically complex than I realise?


There has always been straight pulls around, Browning maral comes to mind instantly for me but also verney carron and some other mostly high end European gun makers.

I think you’ll find the lack of them in the market place is a combination of the reasons above, they are more complicated than bolt actions, hense more expensive. there is less market for them across the world where they are often competing with semi autos.
They are definitely out there, although they don’t look tacticool, but I’m sure they’d go in a chassis but then they’d be a lot more expensive that the Warrick.

There are things like this

https://www.gunmart.net/gun-reviews/firearms/lmt-ultramatch-rifle out there in the world but I’ve never seen them in Straya.

And to top it off, things like Riverman for example, are stopped by customs on arbitrary rules.

There is a fairly long list here.

And why don’t you do shotguns, what’s wrong with you?

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I will one day, just haven’t got around to it.
It’s also a certain level of social anxiety in regards to not really knowing how to start.
Rifles are easy as I can go to the range and set up targets and work through everything at my own pace, I don’t know what I’m doing with clay pigeons.

However, even if I did get a shotgun, I’d be looking at an over under rather than a straight pull.

You make me sick!
When you come down to the Rat for a shoot sometime you’ll have to come out here instead of heading to Eagle Park and we can educate you in the finer points of being a classy muther fucker A.K.A. shooting shotguns.
I’m only about half hour away from Ballarat.


Shotguns, pffft.

Yeah but he knows how to aim, how are you going to get him to forget about that so you can teach him how to use a shotgun :rofl: